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CM Labs’ New Rubber Tyred Gantry Simulator Provides Unique Operator Training for Full Range of Loads

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CM Labs Simulations RTG

IMAGE SOURCE: CM Labs Simulations

CM Labs Simulations, developer of Vortex® training simulators, today announced the launch of a simulator training solution for rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) operators that provides the most advanced training on the market, with exercises featuring special loads and different container types. 


This is the only RTG training solution that provides exercises for working with overheight, open-top, breakbulk, and liquid containers, as well as standard 20-, 40-, and 45-foot containers. Trainees can lock onto containers with twistlocks, and can also manage chain lifts and an overheight frame. The simulation accurately represents twistlock behaviour and provides operators with the realistic experience of locking the spreader onto the container. 

Using this simulator, operators can truly experience the effects of unbalanced loads. As a result, they learn the consequences of different maneuvers, in a controlled training environment. They also learn how to work with intermodal trailers and ITVs. 

The solution’s learning exercises are designed to improve trainee productivity, by enhancing their ability to operate safely and efficiently, as well as teaching the skills required to work with all types of loads under different weather conditions. Options are included for both daytime and nighttime operations. 

CM Labs Simulations RTG <br> Image source: CM Labs Simulations

Flexible solution adapts to training requirements 

When paired with CM Labs’ Instructor Operating Station (IOS), the training pack allows trainers to introduce specific challenges at any time, including terminal congestion, overweight containers, and more. 

Instructors can create custom exercise sequences at any time, and also customize how the simulated equipment responds to operating controls. The IOS can be installed at a distance from the simulators to comply with safety requirements, or even in an adjacent room. 

For objective assessment of pre-screening or evaluation outcomes, the instructor can configure and generate comprehensive reports, with a scoring system that port terminals and training schools can customise to highlight their most important standards, so that new operators can ramp up even faster. 

The Rubber-tyred Gantry Simulator Training Pack can run on any CM Labs ports equipment simulator, including the desktop Vortex Trainer, the motion-enabled Vortex Advantage, and the high-immersion Vortex Master. Thanks to their swappable control capabilities, each simulator can run a full fleet of training packs following the full journey of cargo. This includes STS Crane, Ship Pedestal Crane, Straddle Carrier, Reach Stacker, Mobile Harbour Crane, Reach Stacker, Forklift, and more. 

The solution’s best-in-class simulation capabilities are due to the Smart Training Technology™ that’s incorporated in the solution. Smart Training Technology is comprised of CM Labs’ proprietary and patented algorithms, and includes real-time simulation features that are unique on the market. The result is a training solution that delivers the most transferable operator skills anywhere, outside the real equipment.

Source: CM Labs Simulations