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CMC launches the new F-Series at Peterborough’s Vertikal Days 2022

CMC International
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IMAGE SOURCE: CaruccieChiurazzi; CMC S.r.l

After three years of success, CMC's Full hydraulic MEWP comes in a restyled version, full of technological and functional innovations.


Is it possible to aspire higher even after reaching the top? If focused on continuous improvement, the answer is yes. This is the way CMC is working, in fact there is a new important upgrade in one of the most appreciated product lines. Presented at Bauma 2019, the CMC F-series range of hydraulically powered products has quickly become the queen of the market of the compact MEWPs up to 18 metres working height. This success is due to the immediate awareness of the benefits that CMC F series spiders can offer their users, from the very first time they get into the basket. The most important is the ease of use, thanks to particularly simple and intuitive hydraulic controls that allow almost immediate use of the machine even by less experienced users. The decision to use only high resistant steels makes it possible to limit the operating weight of the machine without compromising its strength and reliability, making it easy to transport even on trailers. If we add to this the great versatility of their outdoor and indoor use and the simplified maintenance, it is easy to understand why the CMC F series platforms are the perfect choice for the fleet of any rental company and for the needs of the end user. Thirty months after its introduction, after hundreds of units produced and sold, of work carried out in the most diverse applications, CMC will launch at the Vertikal Days 2022 in Peterborough the renewed F Series: its excellent existing characteristics have been improved and its extensive standard and optional equipment enriched. 


Here are the main new features:  

Quick-release fittings

Quick connect fittings allow instant connection and disconnection of hoses in a hydraulic circuit with a single manual movement, providing speed and flexibility in installation and ensuring no hydraulic oil leaks due to broken or incorrectly tightened fittings. These features reduce downtime and increase productivity. CMC is the first "spider" manufacturer to use quick-release fittings, which are already standard on the S19HD, S22HD and S23 models.

Pressurised fuel tank 

Thanks to this new feature cleanliness is increased and the risk of downtime is reduced at minimum. In the pressurised hydraulic circuit, air and debris are not sucked into the tank from the outside, the circuit is closed and the absence of debris within the system is guaranteed.

Electro-hydraulic distributor

Sometimes precision is never enough. This is why it was decided to engineer the hydraulic controls by including automatic stabilisation and double speed as standard features. 

New engines available

Kubota engine and Hybrid versions now available as options.

New remote/radio control

All models in the new F series are manageable through a new remote control as standard.

This can be easily transformed into a wireless radio control at any time by purchasing a special after-market kit that includes a transmitter, two replaceable rechargeable batteries and a charging station for the second battery. 

Alessandro Mastrogiacomo, CMC's Export Sales Director declares: "If you are pushed by the desire to constantly exceed your limits you will become a reference point for your market. The F series upgrade is the result of careful research into possible areas of improvement for a range of products that are already top of mind. The objective is to aim at positioning them "over the top" in the minds of their current and potential users".  


Source: CaruccieChiurazzi; CMC S.r.l

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