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Cofferdams for railway bridge pillars

Rail route to one of the Sweden´s busiest harbour in Gothenburg is crossing over Gota river. The railroad that is vital to remarkable part if import and export trough this harbour has been relying in one track bridge. Due a need to increase a capacity and a reliability of the important route Skanska and MT Højgaard were awarded to construct another parallel bridge.

Prior to construction works a Kungsbacka based piling contractor Sivenmark AB installed sheet piled cofferdams to the river. The sheet piles of 17 metres in length were driven with Movax SG-75 Side-Grip vibro on Hitachi ZX350 excavator. The piling equipment was operated from a barge. Four numbers of 18 by 18 metres cofferdams were completed.

In addition to the cofferdams the sheet piles were driven to shores to isolate the flowing river from river side excavations.