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Collaborative project with Dubai Municipality

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The biggest 3d printed building

VIDEO SOURCE: Apis Cor. In YouTube [online]. Available at:
Channel name: Apis Cor

Apis Cor recently completed 3D printed wall structures of a two-story administrative building for the Dubai Municipality. Standing at 9.5 meters tall with an area of 640 square meters, it is the largest 3D printed building to date. 


Apis Cor was able to conduct extensive R&D dedicated to testing the equipment under harsh climatic conditions and developing the 3D printing material.


Thanks to unique design of Apis Cor’s 3D printer the structure of the building was built directly on-site without any extra assembly works. The total area of the building is 640 sq. meters, which is larger than the printing area accessible when the Apis Cor’s 3D printer is stationary. However, the Apis Cor 3D printer is mobile and was moved around the construction site by crane.


The whole process took place in an uncovered area, meaning such critical environment requirements for 3D printing material like temperature and humidity were uncontrolled.


The giant building was built on-site by means of one Apis Cor's 3D printer. 3D printing a floor by floor.


Structural calculationsMoscow State University of Civil Construction 

Foundation: conventional construction by General Contractor

Walls: 3D printed by Apis Cor 

3D Printing material: gypsum-based mixture developed by Apis Cor 

​​Reinforcement: 3D-printed formwork for columns manually filled with rebar and heavy concrete

Slabs: precast

Roof, windows, insulation: conventional by General Contractor


Structural calculation and analysis for the building were prepared by Moscow State University of Civil Engineering. The modeling included: seismic actions, vertical action, floor masses and mass moments of inertia, structural model, modal analysis, accidental torsion effects, shear forces, displacements, damage limitations, internal forces. 

" Construction 3D printing technology is only at the early stages of development. We do extensive R&D work to make the technology available for mass use. We are thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with Dubai Municipality. The project gave us unique knowledge and invaluable experience that will help us improve our technology and develop a new version of our 3D printer. The improved version will be more reliable and time efficient (twice as fast). Moreover, during the project we tested and improved our own-developed 3D mixture. This project is a huge step forward in the concrete 3D printing industry."

Source: Apis Cor