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Comer Industries' Smart Engineering for Power Transmission Solutions

At Bauma in Munich (11-17 April 2016), Comer Industries’ innovative systems based on advanced design and manufacturing for major OEMS will be on display, delivering highest quality and service to customers (Hall A4, Booth 139).


Comer Industries will be exhibiting at Bauma 2016, the International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment, that takes place from 11 to 17 April 2016 at the fairgrounds in Munich, Germany (Hall A4, Booth 139).

Comer Industries is strongly committed to offer green, safe and sustainable power transmission solutions designed and manufactured according to most advanced production principles (World Class Manufacturing, Kaizen) to deliver the highest quality and service to customers, as confirmed by Caterpillar’s SQEP (Supplier Quality Excellence Process) certification, which recognizes those suppliers who achieve performance excellence and drive a "zero defects" culture within their organizations.

Specifically for Powertrain, the new automated axle assembly line at the Planetary Drives & Axles Operating Unit in Cavriago (Reggio Emilia), Italy, highlights the company’s commitment to an Industry 4.0 systembased on cyber-physical integration. Comer Industries’ new facility in Bangalore (India) is also dedicated to axle manufacturing.


Comer Industries’ solutions are meeting increasing success on the market. The company has settled strong partnerships with major OEMs, such as Cat Forestry, and will soon be in production with them.

Specifically for soil compactors, Comer Industries is a sole integrated driveline provider and its complete power transmission systems equip Weycor’s new soil compactor AW1070.

success story about the cooperation with Atlas Weyhausen (Weycor) is also available at Comer Industries’ website.


The Powertrain product line has been developed in order to support OEM’s with full driveline system product solutions with an extensive range of rigid and steering axles, with or without planetary reduction, in combination with the latest technology of hydrostatic transmissions.

At Bauma, Comer Industries will show its latest-generation S-328 axle, axle models 128 and 046 Hydro.


The 328 axle series is one of the latest developments of the Comer Industries’ Powertrain technology and will allow the extension of the off-road axles’ range, up to today based on the 128 and 228/238 families.

The solution shown at Bauma is the S-328 steering axle, for application on 11K Telehandlers.

The outstanding load and torque capacity (12 tons dynamic load and 53,000 Nm peak torque) makes this family of axles, rigid and steering, suitable for equipping all the main construction and earthmoving machines, such as:

  • Front End Loader (F-328)                  up to 10,5 tons empty vehicle weight

  • Teleboom Handler (S-328)                up to 11,000 lbs. payload

  • Wheeled Excavator (S-328/F-328)    up to 18 tons operative weight

  • Soil Compactor (F-328)                     up to 14 tons operative weight

  • Feed Mixer (S-328/F-328)                 up to 20 m3 capacity

This product line is highly modular and versatile to satisfy all customers’ needs. It features many tracks (1,400 mm - 2,180 mm), differential types (open, limited slip, 100% lock and No-Spin) and total reduction ratios (between 12.8 and 26.3), obtained through a wide range of bevel sets.

The mounting to the frame can be pads, central trunnion or upper pivot.

Thanks to the new self-adjusting wet multi-disc service brakes, fitted symmetrically to both the axle shafts, the new S-328 series allows both fast deceleration and efficient heat dissipation, ensuring a long operative life. The parking brake can be either an internal SAHR (Spring Applied Hydraulically Released), which uses the wet discs, or a Caliper, located at the axle’s input, and it meets even the most stringent safety requirements.


Comer Industries also exhibits following new solutions:

  • the rigid axle F-046 HYDRO for mini front end loaders (patent pending), featuring reduced overall dimensions and improved vehicle performances;

  • the complete driveline composed of axle F-128 and planetary drive PG-161 for soil compactors, presenting compact design and highest ratio available;

  • the planetary drum drive PGR-3603 T for road construction equipment, highly resistant to heavy loads.

Through the introduction of its intermediate range of wheel drives, the company will also present the new planetary travel and hoist drives catalogue.

The PGR product line consists of nine different sizes, ranging from 10,000Nm to 110,000Nm of peak output torque, available with 2 or 3 reduction stages and suitable for the most common cartridge or SAE hydraulic motors, as well as electric motors.

Source: Comer Industries