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Construction Education Center in Geradstetten, Germany, optimally ‎equipped for the construction site of the future with MOBA excavator ‎system

Since mid-June a Hitachi excavator ZX160LC-5 with the 2D excavator control system Xsite PRO of MOBA Mobile Automation AG complements the machine pool of the construction education center of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. As one of the three sponsors along with Kiesel GmbH and SMP Parts GmbH, the MOBA Mobile Automation AG thereby considerably supports the preparation of young machine operator trainees for the construction site of the future.


The education center is particularly keen to train technically skilled, competent professionals. Nowadays, this also includes the skillful handling of an excavator control system in order to achieve more effective results with the machine. The purchase of an excavator with control system thus is an adaptation to the technology trend in the industry.

“Excavator control systems are the future of construction sites. Only those who confidently handle them can profit from all possibilities of modern machinery. Construction companies expect us to incorporate the latest technology into the education.”, states headmaster Martin Kleemann. He appreciates the support of MOBA Mobile Automation AG and hopes to set a trend in the construction sector with the excavator upgrade. Thanks to his dedication, the machine operators of tomorrow experience a future-oriented education, thereby providing a decisive advantage for contractors. 

Companies value the expertise as well as varied and practical education of the apprentices. With an increasing demand for excavator control systems, the demand for well-educated professionals increases, too. The combination of an experienced operator along with MOBA's 2D excavator control system Xsite PRO ensures the maximum performance of every excavator.

The support of the education center and currently more than 200 young machine operator trainees is of particular interest for MOBA Mobile Automation AG. By preparing the machine operators of tomorrow for the modern construction site, it equips the construction industry with future-proof capacities. To comprehensively implement this trend, it additionally provides trainings on its test track at its headquarters in Limburg/Lahn.

Source: MOBA