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Contractors expand their fleet with investment in cutting-edge technology at RVW Pugh Ltd.

Due to the need to expand operations, successful digestate and slurry contractors Rupert and son Wayne Middleton from Yarpole, Leominster have just increased their fleet of Massey Ferguson tractors from four to six following the purchase of four brand new MF 7700 Dyna-VT tractors.


Having traded in two MF 7620s, the four new additions join their two existing MF 7618s. Rupert Middleton explains why they decided to opt for the new model: “The MF 7720 was the obvious choice seeing as we had previously been using MF 7620s. They have dedicated front spool valves which is a big plus for us as it allows us to operate more quickly and efficiently, and the Dyna-VT means that we can accurately match our forward speed to the flowrate. It also makes laying pipe a lot smoother meaning we don’t use as many revs – saving fuel!

Wayne Middleton adds; “For such large machines, they are very manoeuvrable, not cumbersome at all. The cab is incredibly spacious and comfortable, even after being in it all day, and it is also surprisingly quiet”.

The relationship between the Middletons and RVW Pugh started almost 10 years ago. In 2006, only two years after starting their business, they were in a position to upgrade and visited RVW Pugh to look for the next step up. Rupert recalls; “RVW Pugh sent a technician who had experience with using umbilical machines to demonstrate an MF 7485 Vario model and we haven’t looked back since”.

“The reliability of the tractors coupled with excellent dealer service means we get an all-round package. We’re a family business ourselves and we wouldn’t consider dealing with anything other than a family business. We have a strong relationship with RVW Pugh and with Sales Manager David Smith who understands our needs perfectly”.

Rupert also highlights the importance of renewing the tractors regularly: “We aim to trade in our tractors every two years or so, so as to avoid such a big step up – this is how we are able to keep upgrading – we get a decent trade-in price. We also over-spec our tractors to really make the most of the great residual value that they have.”

RVW Pugh Area Salesman David Smith adds; “It’s been a pleasure seeing the Middleton’s business grow from strength to strength over the past 10 years. At 200hp, these larger Massey Ferguson tractors really are the perfect machines to propel their business forward and enable further expansion”.

Source: AGCO, Massey Ferguson