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Material that has been separated with the DARDA Multi Cutter MC200 can be scrapped easily now. Go to photo
Material that has been separated with the DARDA Multi Cutter MC200 can be scrapped easily now.

Core removal and demolition of a shopping center in record time



In the summer of 2016, the complete core removal and demolition of the "Zeilgalerie" shopping center in the so-called "Zeil", one of the central shopping streets of Frankfurt am Main in Germany. For this purpose, several BROKK demolition robots as well as various attachments from DARDA GmbH were successfully used by contracting company ANTAL Abbruch & Baumanagement GmbH from Frankfurt.

The DARDA MultiCutter MC200 as well as two DARDA CC420 steel shears and a CC700 S, two DARDA CC520 concrete crushers and a CC700, mounted on a total of four BROKK demolition robots - one BROKK 100, two BROKK 160 and a BROKK 260 - demonstrated their abilities in this prestigious project. The MC200 Multi Cutter proved to be a true cutting wonder: It cut pipes, cables, metal brackets and struts, air-conditioning ducts, steel supports, railings, installation rails, drywall frames and paneling. The steel shears from DARDA GmbH, Blumberg, really tore into the reinforced concrete elements, Holorib panels and steel frame.

The Zeilgalerie, which was opened in 1992, was built on an extremely narrow site. As a result, the base area was very small and the shopping center was constructed as a socalled "vertical gallery", with nine floors and an additional three-floor cinema complex. This architectural concept was no longer popular with customers, so that the vacancy rate of the object was substantial and its profitability decreased steadily. A desired expansion of the area towards the neighboring buildings was not feasible due to the strong deviation in floor heights. For this reason the well-known Frankfurt-based ANTAL Abbruch & Baumanagement GmbH was commissioned with the demolition.

Due to the location of the Zeilgalerie between two well-visited department stores in which sales activities could not be suspended, the subway tunnel running alongside the building, and the highly-frequented "Zeil" - up to 15,000 visitors per hour at peak times - there were many limitations that made the project extremely challenging. For the demolition experts from ANTAL, who also had to resort to using some heavy machinery due to the reasons set out below, the combination of BROKK demolition robots and DARDA attachments proved to be the ideal "demolition team".

DARDA MultiCutter MC200 on a BROKK 160

Vibration-free demolition

Seismographs were set up to monitor the resulting vibration intensity, which had to be kept to a minimum. The operation of the BROKK robots with electro-hydraulic drive and the DARDA attachments fully met this requirement. "These machines can also be operated very accurately via remote-control, so that demolition work can be carried out in a highly controlled way. Their low surface weight also results in safe surface loads, which is always a big issue", says George Antal, General Manager of the company of the same name.

Low-noise demolition

The electro-hydraulic demolition robots with their quiet electric motors performed the demolition work at low-noise levels. The diesel engines of conventional mini excavators or pneumatically operated devices are much louder in comparison. Likewise, the DARDA concrete crushers and the DARDA Multi Cutter worked at near-silent levels.

Emission-free demolition

A further advantage of the electric motors of the BROKK machines! In contrast to the enormous air pollution caused by diesel engines - and especially in closed rooms - the robots do not generate any exhaust emissions whatsoever.

Cost-effective demolition

Although the BROKK robots, as well as the DARDA equipment, are considerably more compact and lighter than conventional demolition machinery, their performance is many times higher. In a BROKK machine, a strong electric motor powers the special hydraulic system. The DARDA concrete crushers and multi-cutters, on the other hand, achieve their enormous breaking and cutting force by working independently of the working pressure of the carrier. This makes them very powerful also on small carriers, in contrast to conventional attachments.


This type of capability was an important factor in ensuring that demolition at the Zeilgalerie was fast and efficient. As an alternative method of demolition for the heavily reinforced concrete elements and Holorib panels, ANTAL GmbH had initially considered also using concrete saws. However, on closer inspection this proved to be uneconomical, since the work would have taken considerably longer.

In addition to suitable and reliable machinery, such projects, of course, primarily require comprehensive planning and perfect management. And ANTAL once again proved its excellent reputation. Since the coring and demolition work was accomplished without any difficulty and there were no complaints from the immediate surroundings, the project was completed even earlier than planned!

Source: Darda GmbH


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