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Cormach presents the “TITAN” of the knuckle boom truck mounted cranes

The cyclopean machine presented by Cormach is a machine that can be installed on 6 axles trucks the 575000 AXO E9 J804 has been certified by the German certifications Bodies, TÜV and Dekra. The first machine has been going through all the tests and is now ready to be delivered to its final destination, a customer that already operates several cranes of the 230000 AE series. The crane can be supplied in different version like all the knuckle boom cranes, the today available versions are the 575000 AXO E4, E5, E9 and E9 J804 (the version with jib).

The crane in its basic version with 9 hydraulic extensions reaches 33,5 metres with the boom in horizontal position, the version with jib reaches 57,84 metres. Maximum lifting capacity at 7,00 metres is limited to 56000 Kg. the maximum capacity at 33,5 m is of  8300 Kg. the version with jib lifts 12000 Kg at 44,00 metres and 3200 Kg at 57,84 metres. The four outriggers assure full lifting capacity on all the 360°.