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Cranab: three major investments and expansion of the range

Cranab announces 2019 expansion plans: three investments which will revolutionise machining cycles and expand the range of products on offer. Cranab has made a commitment on two fronts in 2019, both aimed at consolidating the development process that the company has undertaken since it entered the Fassi Group orbit. In terms of production processes, the Swedish company will make three major investments.


The first is an Esab under-powder welding machine with Welmax adaptive functions that will guarantee a 60% increase in production compared to the current capacity. Delivery is scheduled for early April with production starting in May.

Thanks to the FPT Verus 250 automated machining centre, a 12-metre long machine with horizontal and index heads, the old TWP milling machines will be replaced and production will increase by 40% compared to current capacity. The machine is expected to be delivered in January, with installation that will take three months plus programming and fine-tuning, production then starting in May. Its installation includes an extension of the plant of 750 square metres.

The Board of Directors has also decided to purchase a new sandblasting machine that will guarantee a 50% increase in production capacity, with delivery expected from May onwards. 2019 will also see the start of production and delivery of the Cranab TZ12 crane. In addition to this important step, the range of options for the TZ12 and TL12 crane models and, more generally, the products for transport cranes and grippers will be expanded. The 2019 targets also include the distribution of truck cranes in new markets and the start of the series deliveries of hydraulic crane clamps.

Source: Cranab AB