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CTI Logistics + Linde: together for the long haul

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CTI Logistics + Linde: Together for the Long Haul

The ongoing shared experience and success of CTI Logistics and Linde Material Handling is a classic example of how reputation backed by performance and innovation builds business relationships. 


Established in Perth in 1974, CTI Logistics’ continual growth has been turbocharged over the last five years, as it has morphed into a nationwide transport and logistics company, with involvement from couriers and taxi trucks to parcels, linehaul truck operations, fleet management, 3PL warehousing and supply chain solutions.

With 28 facilities nationwide and over 200,000 square metres of warehousing under roof, CTI Logistics increasingly relies on suppliers such as Linde Material Handling – suppliers it sees as partners. 

Linde proves its credentials

The relationship with Linde spans more than a decade and has seen major changes in both organisations, as the CTI Logistics fleet of Linde equipment has expanded well into the triple digit dimension, growing to include a wide range of mainstream and specialised Linde equipment. 

A move into contract warehousing was the initial driver which saw the relationship expand and deepen.

“That’s when we moved away from two other suppliers for the smaller forklifts we were using,” Neil Raspa – General Manager, Supply Chain Logistics, said. “We started to bring Linde forklifts into the business because we found them to be a better product – safe, robust and reliable.

“What attracted us was the quality and safety of the equipment. Linde equipment has shown itself to be better performing over a longer period.”

More than just a supplier

Along the way the relationship with Linde has grown and strengthened as CTI Logistics has come to rely on Linde’s comprehensive understanding of its needs and its ability to deliver carefully tailored solutions.

The company’s state of the art 12,000 square metre facility at Forrestfield in WA is a prime example, using a mixed fleet ranging from Linde hand pallet trucks to 16 tonne capacity forklifts to achieve its daily 1,000 tonne dispatch requirements.

“We’ve found that Linde as a supplier is always ready to bring new concepts to the table and to show flexibility,” Neil Raspa said. “The relationship with Linde has delivered on many fronts. The obvious one being our seasonal peaks where our requirements for equipment can almost double.”

Nationwide capacity

“For our national expansion we have been able to deal with one service provider across the country to meet our challenges in each of the states for servicing of our various client needs. We have to provide a high level of service. Same day pick, pack and deliver is becoming the norm. 

Linde has been excellent in having experts in every location, whether to solve a specific challenge around forklifts or what we might need to do for a customer. We’ve found that their national network has really worked for us.

 “Linde have a strong commitment to us and we are very happy with the relationship. Their service standards and their response times are excellent.”

Quite simply CTI Logistics takes the view that to move freight on time every day it is important that its forklifts are the best available. As the scale of CTI Logistics’ operations has grown, the need for effective management of resources spread nationally has also increased. Here too Linde has been able to provide a tailored solution. 


“Being a multi-site operation, one of the challenges we have is to get visibility on the whole fleet,” Luke Yeoman, CTI Logistics’ Corporate Services Manager said. With the Linde FleetFOCUS solution we can see what the fleet is doing, the utilisation of each truck, key time on, engine on, lifting times, etc, etc. That gives us a great platform where we can plan for the future. 


“Linde has been excellent in having experts in every location, whether to solve a specific challenge around forklifts or what we might need to do for a customer. We’ve found that their national network has really worked for us,” he said. 

“In our business it is essential that we are delivering constant improvements in safety, efficiency and technology. That’s where our suppliers are so important to us. 

“And it’s not just as suppliers, we really see them as partners and as partners we can go forward with. That’s what Linde has been for us. We are really looking forward to continuing that relationship and moving forward into the future with Linde.”


Source: Linde Material Handling