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Customizable electronic products for the off-highway

MTA, a multinational company, headquartered in Italy, known for the development and production of electromechanical and electronic products sold to major OEMs, will showcase during Bauma Munich (hall 2A, stand 627) its full range of off-the-shelf dashboards, displays and control units, that can be quickly and easily customized according to different OEM needs. The range consists of 6 dashboards, Spot, Quik, Quik Plus, Revo, Revo Plus and Smart; 4 displays, Zip, Giotto K, Giotto and Leonardo; 2 ECUs, Dyna and Actua.

Dashboards and displays, to each his own


All dashboards and displays feature very similar hardware and software architectures, elegant design and modern lines, but are different in shapes and sizes, number of LEDs, inputs and outputs, and screen types. Round, square, rectangular, oval or ovalized: the dashboard and display shapes meet today’s OEM demands, with dimensions ranging from extremely small (107 mm outer diameter) to the high- end 310x215 mm display. The types range from LCDs (segment or dot matrix) to TFTs (3.5" up to 4.3"), coupled with analog needle indicators, up to full color 8" or 12" TFTs, enabling the operator to constantly monitor the key parameters of the machines and any equipment they control.

Electronic control units

The two control units, Dyna and Actua, are designed to drive different types of actuators and they differ from each other by the number of inputs and outputs and the processor computing power (higher for Actua).

Power supply, 12 V and 24 V

Most of the dashboards and displays can feature both a 12 V and a 24 V power supply, the latter meeting the needs of heavy-duty applications.


All dashboards, displays and ECUs can be programmed with MTA Studio® – a proprietary software tool that allows customers to tailor the product to the needs of the vehicle it is installed on – with the exception of Leonardo, for which customers have to use Android Studio only and Giotto with Giotto K, for which they can use both software tools. Excellence form Italy

The customizable range of products has been entirely developed and manufactured in Italy, in a company-owned facility employing cutting edge technology and accredited according to the most stringent regulations in the automotive world. Special attention has been paid to safety details, such as anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint treatments, thus ensuring perfect visibility even in the harshest environments. Always taking into account the presence of dirt, mud and water typical of the off-highway applications, all products consist of state-of-the-art components, with advanced materials that, together with the above treatments, guarantee high resistance to temperatures and vibrations, as well as an IP66 or IP67 degree of protection. 


Source: MTA S.p.A