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D:MAX Trial Program gets under way in Germany

The CDEnviro D:MAX mobile screening unit is on the road in Germany as part of a Trial Program which allows operators the opportunity to trial the unit at their own site.

Currently based at a waste disposal company in Rittersdorf, Germany, the D:MAX unit is processing waste water sludge, industrial process water, gully waste and road sweepings, before moving East of Berlin to for another trial.

The D:MAX is a mobile screening and classification system used to process a variety of materials like grit, sludge and fibrous rag within the waste water treatment process.

It is proven to offer waste water companies and their contractors the most efficient processing system for a range of waste materials while maximising the potential for material recovery.

D:MAX has the potential to divert tonnes of waste from landfill and recover large volumes of recycled grit and aggregates for further use. With landfill costs continuing to rise, the D:MAX system offers water utility companies a route to achieving considerable reductions in costs and increasing operational efficiencies.

Source: CDE