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Dakar 2020: FPT industrial warms up for the Rally in Saudi Arabia

FPT Industrial is starting 2020 with its usual appointment at Dakar, the world-famous rally raid, which takes place in Saudi Arabia between January 5th and 17th. Once again, FPT Industrial sponsors the Petronas Team De Rooy IVECO and powers its trucks with Cursor 13 engines. After Africa and South America, this is the first edition of Dakar in the Middle East, exploring over 7,500 km of the region’s largest country. In Saudi Arabia, the drivers will start the com- petition in Jeddah, the commercial center of the country, and will pass the first stages through mountains, canyons and some dunes in the direction of Riyadh. In the second week, most of the route is amidst the sands of the desert, and winners will meet in Qiddiya, the country’s entertainment hub.


To endure such an extreme competition, FPT Industrial gives Cursor 13 a special racing configuration in its Arbon Research & Development center. The 13-liter engine is originally designed for the most demanding heavy-duty needs in industrial applications, such as long haulage trucks, large tractors and harvesters. The Cursor 13 engineered for the Dakar IVECO trucks delivers robustness, high reliability and durability, and top power, reaching 1,000 hp.

With FPT Industrial’s engineering and technology expertise, the team has successfully conquered past competitions. At the 2019 edition of Dakar, in Peru, all racers of the Petronas Team De Rooy IVECO completed the rally in the top ten ranking. This year, Petronas Team De Rooy IVECO is competing with three Powerstar trucks and one Trakker. Gerard de Rooy will not race, but will follow and help the team, which is divided in:

#505 Janus van Kasteren (driver); Frank van Hoof (co-driver); Erwin van den Bosch (mechanic)

#517 Albert Llovera (driver); Ramon Peters (co-driver); Ferran Marco Alcayna (mechanic)

#522 Victor Willem Corne Versteijnen (driver); Andreas van der Sande (co-driver); Teun van Dal (mechanic)

#531 Michiel Becx (driver); Edwin Kuijpers (co-driver); Bernard der Kinderen (mechanic)

Source: FPT Industrial