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7000 Liter tank on DAMMANN-trac DT 2500H S4 Go to photo
7000 Liter tank on DAMMANN-trac DT 2500H S4

DAMMANN-trac with 7000 liter tank

Following the enlargement of DAMMANN-trac palette brings a 7000 liter tank for the DT 2500H S4 and the new DT 2800h S4 EcoDrive ™ on the market. In the designs for the DT 2800h S4 EcoDrive ™, the constructions were recalculated and saw the opportunity to build a 7,000 liter tank on the DAMMANN-trac on.

The engineers at Dammann now have the 7000 liter tank of Profi Class S the DAMMANN-trac adapted to allow time for the Agritechnica standing by a barrel for the DT 2800h S4 EcoDrive ™. The decision was taken by the clout of DAMMANN-trac‘s to increase even further and make it thus more profitable for the entrepreneur, as was seen from the figures in recent years, an increasing number of large tanks left the factory intro uce the barrel. 


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