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Dana Recognized for Power Electronics Cooling Technology at 8th Annual Green Vehicle Convention

Dana Incorporated was recognized with the 2017 Outstanding Power Electronics Solution Provider award at the 8th Annual Green Vehicle Convention, which began today in Beijing, China.  The award was presented to Dana for its insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) cooling solutions.


The Green Vehicle Convention is the world's largest electric-vehicle event focused on commercial and technical aspects of the electric-vehicle industry.  At the show, Dana is exhibiting its full range of robust electrification products and thermal-management systems for hybrid and electric vehicles, including its IGBT cooling and battery-cooling technologies.

At the convention in 2015 and 2016, Dana was named Best Battery Solution Provider for its research and contributions to thermal-management technologies for hybrid-electric vehicles and battery-electric vehicles.

"Being recognized by the Green Vehicle Convention for the third consecutive year is an exciting accomplishment for Dana and a high compliment for our electric and hybrid vehicle product portfolio," said Dwayne Matthews, president, Dana Power Technologies.  "Dana's investment in improving automotive electrification, including the development of technologies that support new-energy vehicle programs, is in line with its long-term commitment to provide innovative solutions that will move the industry forward."

Dana's IGBT cooling technology addresses the high-performance thermal requirements of today's electric and hybrid vehicles.  The precision-manufactured aluminum cooling plates feature superior flatness, a critical requirement for reducing thermal resistance to prevent IGBT chips from overheating and possible failure.  Dana's IGBT cooling technology is exceptionally clean and flux-free, which ensures low coolant conductivity levels by minimizing contamination.


Additionally at the convention, Andy Cao, advanced technology manager, Dana Power Technologies, is presenting "Thermal Management of Electric Vehicles: HEVs and BEVs," detailing the benefits and technology drivers for IGBT and other hybrid-electric and battery-electric vehicle cooling solutions.  Cao's presentation, scheduled April 7 at 9:30 a.m. CST, is part of the summit titled "Drive the Innovation; Collaborate the Future," which focuses on how innovation and collaboration play an integral role in the future of the automotive industry.  The presentation will take place in Grand Ballroom II and III on floor B2 of the Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast.


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