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"Defender" of China's Beauty

On November 19-21, the 2014 China Municipal and Environmental and Sanitation Machinery Industry Annual Meeting and Development Forum was held in Changsha. 


The event was sponsored by the Municipal and Environmental and Sanitation Machinery Branch of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association and co-organized by Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. The meeting was attended by the vice president of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association and former vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Long Guojian, as well as the deputy general manager of Zoomlion Environmental Industry Company, Fang Guohao, and dozens of company representatives, academics and experts.

Long Guojian delivered a speech at the meeting. In it he said that China's environmental and sanitation machinery has slowly grown as Chinese society and the economy have developed, and the industry has a very promising future. It is therefore worth researching and discussing how to achieve scientific development of environmental and sanitation machinery amid the new social development situation. 

It is thought that there are currently more than 150 environmental and sanitation machinery companies in China. With the restructuring of the Chinese economy and continued technological innovation, environmental and sanitation machinery is set to experience a historic period of comprehensive and rapid development. 

Fang Guohao said at the opening ceremony that Zoomlion Environmental Industry Company is the leading company in China's environmental and machinery industry and harbors the dream of "cleaning up the world." He said the company would make the most of its strengths in research to carry out R&D on the three major sectors of food waste treatment, garbage sorting and processing, and construction waste treatment. He also said it will dedicate itself to completely solving the waste issue, transforming waste treatment from being about quantity to being about quality, truly achieving resource recovery processing of waste, and using high-quality products and perfect service to make greater contributions to the development of the environmental and sanitation machinery industry so as to make itself a staunch "defender" of China's beauty.

Source: Zoomlion