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Dewulf introduces new generation of the 2-row self-propelled top-lifting harvester with bunker

Dewulf, specialist in harvesting technology for potatoes and carrots, has launched a new generation of the ZBII, 2-row self-propelled top lifting harvester with bunker. The harvester combines power, quality and capacity. The ZBII provides a completely clean product and offers a capacity of more than 4.5 ha per day.


The first thing you notice is the new sleek-looking design of the harvester, combined with a unique form of accessibility. The engine compartment, the filters, and the diesel and AdBlue tanks are conveniently located for topping off and performing the daily maintenance. Equipped with the latest engine technology, its Scania DC9 Tier 4 Final engine produces a powerful 350 hp. At a maximum speed of 1600 rpm, greater performance is achieved with lower fuel consumption.

The ZBII offers numerous features that significantly improve both capacity and maintainability. Unique aspects include the two individual harvesting elements with independent topping blades, which ensure continuous maximum stability, even at high driving speeds. The modified hydraulically-driven torpedoes form the basis for a precise cutting result. The torpedo tips are exchangeable, allowing the use of various wear-point types. An optional, hydraulic folding system for the outer torpedoes is also available. This is useful when the side of the harvesting bed has subsided. The topping blades are optionally equipped with topping blade arm protection and are designed to minimise soil accumulation. The harvesting belts have a length of 14000 mm, and the tension rollers are mounted on replaceable bushings. A single handle for each harvesting element allows the operator to increase or reduce the tension applied by the corresponding support pulleys, which considerably simplifies replacement of the belts. The accurate automatic controller and depth control, which can be configured from the cab, make harvesting truly a pleasure. 
The new generation maintenance-free gearbox drive boosts productivity without compromising quality. The bearings of the blades are hermetically sealed with labyrinth seals, resulting in the highest durability level available in the market. The automatic lubrication system allows you to make the best use of your time during the harvesting season.

Hydraulic rotating cleaners, two separate variable speed sieving webs with driven eccentric agitators and two hedgehog belts ensure a completely clean product straight from the land. An operator terminal on the control platform provides the means by which the incline and speed of both hedgehog belts are adjusted. This allows the driver to remain focused on the harvesting. In addition to the excellent view of the harvesting elements, the driver can monitor the entire product flow via four cameras. All the harvesting parameters are adjustable from a control unit for the harvesting section. A control unit for the driving section and a joystick round off the ergonomic instrumentation and ensure comfortable operation.

Source: Dewulf