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Dialogue on Chinese Dream, Focus on BICES 2013 BICES 2013 exhibitor preparatory meeting & press conference at Beijing


The 12th Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition & Seminar (BICES 2013 ) BICES 2013 Exhibitor Preparatory Meeting & Press Conference was held on 4th July. 2013 at “Jiuhua International Exhibition Centre”. The conference was presided over by Mr. Zhou Weidong, Vice president of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Sub-Council (CCPIT-MSC). Mr. Huang Xiaomin, the president of China Construction Machinery Co. Ltd (CNCMC) introduced preparatory work of BICES 2013 in detail. Mr. Su Zimeng, the Secretary General of CCMA (China Construction Machinery Association), General Manager of Beijing Asiamachine International Convention & Exhibition Ltd.(BAICE) made a comprehensive analysis on the operational situation of construction machinery industry and introduced the improvement of BICES 2013. Mr. Li Yongkai, the Chief of exhibition Dep. Of BAICE made a introduction on the operational work of BICES exhibition. In addition, Lawyer of Beijing Jijia Intellectual Property Rights Agency Co. Ltd introduced the guidelines of intellectual property rights.  
Over 100 delegates of important domestic & overseas companies attended this conference including XGMG, Zoomlion, LiuGong, Shantui, XGMA , Sinomach, Sunward, Jonyang, Strong, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Terex, RitchieBros. JohnDeere, Deutz, Kwasaki, Doosan, Bonfiglioli, Hella etc.
At the same time, over 80 journalists from Chinese and foreign media were present at the conference including KHL, Lectura, Resale Weekly, CPI, CMTM, World highway, Construction Pan-America, Construction Today, Diesel Progress, Construction Equipment, Construction Machinery, Construction Machinery & Maintenance, Construction Machinery Today, Transportation World,,, etc. 
In 102 more days, the grand opening of BICES 2013, the 12th Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition & Seminar will be held at Jiuhua International Exhibition Centre. The Beijing International Emergency Rescue Equipment Exhibition and the China International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition will be held at the same period.
BICES will be held at a critical moment of industry adjustment and improvement. It is doubtless that industry downturn and adjustment starting from 2011, getting through difficulties through collaboration in 2012, and decline stop and stabilization expected by everyone in 2013 have brought about important opportunities of ability improvement, industry upgrade and industry consolidation to the whole engineering machinery industry. Under such background, BICES has transformed from the original new product display platform to a diversified enhancement platform which will include the trend of future development layout of the whole industry and the whole industry chain and will realize innovation in value through this opportunity.
Goals, improvement & activities
Goals of BICES 2013      
BICES 2013 will reach a brand new level: exhibition area is predicted to reach 210,000 m2 and the number of exhibitors will be increased to 1,500, and we’ll invite more direct suppliers and professional visitors in emerging market home and abroad to participate this 4-day exhibition. The exhibition scope will cover such fields as engineering machinery, building material machinery, mining machinery, special purpose motor vehicle, special refitted vehicle and emergency rescue equipment. BICES 2013 will continue to be cosponsored by China Construction Machinery Association, China Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Sub-Council, and be undertaken by Beijing Asiamachine International Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), as an international partner, continues to undertake international exhibitor recruitment work and promotion & organization work.
Exhibitor Recruitment Work 
Exhibitor recruitment work of BICES 2013 began comprehensively in September 2012. So far, our organizing committee has visited major enterprises to learn about exhibitors’ demand and has adjusted our work direction continuously based on exhibitors’ demand. Our senior leaders have visited world’s leading enterprises overseas and have conducted in-depth communication with them.
The number of exhibitors who signed up has reached over 1,000. Among them, domestically-leading enterprises like Sany, Zoomlion, XCMG, LiuGong, Shantui, XGMA and LOXA will continue to participate in the exhibition with massive full product line. International brands like Caterpillar, Hitachi, John Deere and Terex will be also present with a high profile. After Caterpillar returned to Chinese market thanks to BICES in 2011, John Deere will follow the example and show itself in China at BICES 2013. In terms of parts and accessories, internationally renowned industries like Perkins, Deutz, Kawasaki and Bonfiglioli will also gather together in Beijing. Moreover, a large batch of enterprises on high-end hydraulic part industrialization collaboration work platform in the industry like Hengli Highpressure Oil Cylinder, Giant Hydraulic Tech, Huade Hydraulic, Stronger, Changyuan Hydraulic, SKS and Anhui Boyi, and independent and high-end parts & accessories R&D results will be displayed in a centralized way. We believe that BICES 2013 will become a display platform for the industry to accumulate strength, and make adjustment and improvement.
 Specialized shows during the same period
BICES 2013, with focus on the industry’s sustainable development, based on crossed market structure and complementary visitors, on the basis of displaying the latest product technologies and solutions in such fields as engineering construction, building material and mine, comprehensively expands the field of emergency rescue equipment and commercial vehicles, fully share excellent resources of BICES, co-builds value display platform, and creates more value for the industry.
Beijing International Emergency Rescue Equipment Exhibition will be sponsored by the Bureau of Operation Monitoring and Coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and China Construction Machinery Association. It will not only display engineering machinery emergency rescue equipment expanded by the current engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises and special emergency rescue vehicles and supplies, but also absorb various advanced equipment of professional manufacturing enterprises of emergency rescue equipment. We’ll focus on industry policy guidance, corporate social responsibility and establishment of public and friendly society, and rely on the value of BICES brand, to further build corporate image that the industry repays the society.
China International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition 2013 (IVEX 2013) focuses on the industry’s future development, further extension of BICES’s value display chain, centralized display of commercial vehicles closely related to engineering construction and special transportation like trucks, engineering vehicles, heavy-duty transport vehicles, mining vehicles, environmental sanitation vehicles and emergency rescue vehicles, and comprehensive enhancement of participation value of exhibitors and visitors.
High-quality conferences manifest high-value exhibition
As to exhibition value, we will see that some world-class participating enterprises will regard it as a stage and world-class high-quality conferences will be held. BICES 2013 will present the wonder of both display and conference. Conferences that will be held at the same period include: Global Engineering Machinery Industry Meeting &Top 50 Summit & Global Excavator Summit, the first “International Leasing Summit”, Sino-Russian International Building Industry Forum, the 11th Chinese Engineering Machinery Marketing Summit Forum & 2013 Annual Meeting of Chinese Engineering Machinery Agents, Market Introduction of Hot Countries, and Engineering Machinery Appearance and Quality Evaluation. Moreover, Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, a world-renowned industrial product auction company, will hold the first autumn auction in China at the same period.
Featured activities, creating charming machinery culture
BICES always sticks to promotion of domestic machinery culture as its mission, whether through BICES China-2nd International Engineering Machinery & Special-purpose Vehicles Creativity Design Contest, or through BICES Interactive Simulation Experience Zone, or through BICES Simulation Lover Club. Such as:
BICES China-2nd International Engineering Machinery & Special-purpose Vehicles Creativity Design Contest has attracted wide participation of people inside and outside the industry. Participants include engineering machinery lovers in different fields and different levels: students, teachers and professors of key “Project 985” and “Project 211” colleges and universities and professional universities, like Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shandong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hunan University, Beihang University, Beijing Institute of Technology, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing University of Technology, Southeast University, Chang'an University, Dalian University of Technology, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, and Northeastern University; front-line research, development, design and production personnel of leading enterprises in engineering machinery industry like XCMG, Zoomlion, Shantui, LiuGong, Lonking and XGMA, and scientific research institutions; engineering machinery operators.
Especially, Luo Ming, the President of Giant Hydraulic Tech Co., Ltd. also participated this design competition in December 2012. The participation of President Luo expresses the willingness of a large group of leaders and scientific and technical workers in engineering machinery industry to participate. As the organizer of this design contest, we’ll take this as motivation to complete each detail of the design contest well, strive to offer a platform for participants to show their talent, and make the design contest become a booster for diligent innovators to transcend themselves continuously.
As to BICES Interactive Simulation Experience Zone, we’ll offer up to 20 simulation equipment this time, which covers various kinds of simulation equipment like crawler excavators, mountain road excavators, wheel excavators, electric shovels, bulldozers, rotary drilling rigs, roadheaders, loaders, motor graders, rollers, tower cranes, lorry-mounted cranes, mucking loaders, mining lifters and forklifts, complementing with demonstration of real products at BICES 2013.
Visitors organization  
Organization work of domestic visitors of BICES 2013
BICES visitor organization work is the top priority. Relying on unique government background, BICES keeps in-depth cooperation with organs of ministries and commissions, government bodies and professional associations home and abroad, and keeps communication with top-level user organizations on demand.
Moreover, in order to offer convenience for visitors’ online pre-registration, the organizing committee opened a brand-new “online pre-registration of visitors” system in June 2013. This system integrates such functions as Individual pre-registration, Group pre-registration, Mutual invitation of visitors and Self-service printing at the site, which will completely satisfy different demand of pre-registration visitors. This system will ensure the only and exclusive pre-registration badge information will be sent automatically to reserved e-mail and mobile phone after online pre-registration. Pre-registration visitors can directly print it online, or print it at the site for free through pre-registration mobile phone number if the badge is lost. Also, exclusive services will be offered to pre-registration visitors; for example, service projects like exclusive entry channel and rest area will be offered to online pre-registration visitors, to distinguish from on-site registration visitors. Apart from launching a series of exclusive services, BICES 2013 has prepared a series of lottery draw activities and rich gifts for online pre-registration visitors, in order to enhance interaction and joy of online pre-registration.
Moreover, BICES is committed to advocating humanistic care, explaining industry responsibilities and promoting industry upgrade again with all its strength. Considering problems that R&D personnel, technology personnel and procurement personnel of some manufacturers may miss the opportunities to participate in BICES and have in-depth communication face to face with counterparts due to financial difficulties, BICES reduces the participation cost and offers a better platform to blend in with site communication, in order to offer convenience for R&D, technology and procurement personnel in the fields of engineering machinery, building material machinery, mining machinery and commercial vehicles to participate in this grand meeting: visit and experience the latest products in the industry in person, communicate with counterparts on latest technology, attend top-grade industry meetings and forums, learn about industry’s development direction, and promote industrial development and industrial upgrade faster and better through this platform. BICES will continue to launch free board, accommodation, and reception program for R&D personnel, technology personnel and procurement personnel of some manufacturers, moving forward together with enterprises in the industry.
As for organization of professional visitors in China, we adopt the program of combining industries and regions, and combining focused publicity and extensive publicity in key industries and regions. So far, we’ve established good partnership with 46 industry associations in 16 large industries and large enterprise customers, covering railway, water conservancy and hydropower, highway bridge, municipal administration, mine, construction, foundation engineering, petrochemical industry, nuclear industry construction, non-ferrous metal, water transport, coal, communication, building material, transportation, casting, engineering machinery and other comprehensive industries. According to the plan in 2013, BICES needs to be publicized in 20 industry activities and meetings, and over 3,000 publicity materials and visit badges have been issued in 8 high-quality industry activities and meetings in the first half of the year. Regions in the plan include Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Henan, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fujian, Chongqing, Sichuan, Hunan and Shandong. At present, publicity has been done to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Fujian, Shanxi and Shenzhen through local meetings. Promotion will continue to be done in such regions as Beijing, Harbin, Shaanxi, Jinan, Wuhan, Zhejiang, Hebei and Liaoning from July to September.
Moreover, in terms of construction units which were contacted earliest, relatively big promotion efforts were made. It is predicted that publicity materials will be issued to 130,000 person-times and 90,000 participation invitations will be issued to valid customers. And 50,000 visit tickets are planned to be issued through magazines and journals of professional associations. Agent Association, China Association of Construction Enterprise Management, Beijing Construction Committee Material Association, Equipment Management & Leasing Branch of China Construction Industry Association, and China Municipal Engineering Association have the intent of holding activities during the exhibition period, and such activities are being promoted actively.
Extensive establishment of overseas relations and organization of visitors
As the top international engineering machinery, building material machinery and mining machinery exhibition and seminar held in Beijing, BICES has never stopped the pace of expanding international influence. BICES’s overseas partners have covered authoritative associations and organizations in relevant industries like the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), Construction Equipment Association (CEA), French Construction Equipment Association, Sobratema, ANMOPYC, KOCEMA, Japan Construction Machinery and Construction Association (JCMA), Russian Road Contractors Association, Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, BAI, Ministry of Construction of Vietnam, Indonesian Contractors Association, CCIBC, South African Construction Equipment Manufacturer Association, Construction Equipment Association of Turkey, and HK and Macao Builders Association. Such industry organizations in such countries and regions, as BICES’s long-term partners, send BICES information to their member and non-member units through their own association, government and media channels, which have attracted a large group of overseas visitors to this exhibition in Beijing, have contributed to gradual increase in the number of visitors each session, and have increased overseas influence and reputation of BICES effectively.
Moreover, while focusing on the whole industry value chain, BICES also shifts attention to aftermarket. For example, the world’s largest industry auction company will hold unreserved public auction in Beijing at the same period of BICES 2013. And “The First International Leasing Conference” held the day before the opening of BICES 2013 will offer a perfect exchange & cooperation platform to leasing agents home and abroad.
In terms of overseas publicity of BICES 2013, we’ve cooperated with over 20 internationally renowned media like KHL in Europe, Moffat, CPI, Lectura, Cygnus, Cranes Today, World Highway, South America Construction, Russian Highway magazine, Construction Equipment and Technologies (CTT), Middle East magazine MESA, Southeast Asian Building magazine, Indian Building magazine, and HK and Macao Building magazine, to publish BICES 2013 advertisements to overseas countries and regions such as Europe, America, Russia, Middle East and Southeast Asia through all-round, multi-angle, multilingual and informationalized methods like magazines, websites, MicroBlog, mobile phone, Facebook news, newsletter and direct mail, and offer follow-up reports on news and information of BICES 2013 from the preparation to the end.
Operational management situation
High-efficient operation system, eliminating worries about participation in BICES
With internationalization of BICES, BICES sponsor has thought positively, has summarized experience earnestly, has listened to suggestions from various participants and offered positive feedback, and, considering from the perspective of exhibitors and visitors, has organized suppliers to conduct in-depth communication on defects that occurred in the exhibition, and has put forward higher requirements for software and hardware services of BICES 2013.
1.Optimize service process
According to exhibitors’ feedback, BICES service process will be integrated and optimized comprehensively. Apart from enhancement of service quality, service facility allocation will be optimized, to reduce workload and waiting time of participating enterprises, improve exhibitors’ participation experience, and strive to send service beside exhibitors.
2. Perfect site management
Perfect all emergency plans on the site actively, select more suitable service providers carefully, introduce competitive mechanism among service provides, and establish complete evaluation system. According to characteristics of BICES, further perfect all emergency plans, cooperate closely with relevant government departments, and establish coordination mechanism featuring fast response.
3. Enhance exhibition conditions
Actively assist Beijing Jiuhua International Exhibition Center with improvement in software and hardware conditions of the exhibition, and following widening surrounding roads of the exhibition center in 2011, optimize road network structure, and coordinate traffic management departments, to better offer convenience for entry & exit of people and vehicles.
4.Improve transportation, board and accommodation conditions          
On the basis of relying on existing restaurants and accommodations at and nearby the exhibition site, famous catering enterprises home and abroad will be introduced to satisfy catering demand of different people during exhibition period, and an employee will be specially sent for field investigation on nearby hotels and transport in advance, to learn about more suitable contract hotels, recommended hotels and regular bus routes.