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Digando platform


Can you describe the business activities of your company?


The platform provides the infrastructure and software solutions to dispose the construction machinery in a new – digital – way for rental companies just like customers. This leads to real-time rents, transparent processes and documentation and one-click booking adjustments. The cooperations are based on strong and fairly partnerships.

When and by whom was your company founded? How did you come up with the idea?

The original idea comes from one of the largest rental companies of mini excavators in Austria. The idea was to reduce the effort a company has to organize the construction machinery for its construction projects. The product range should include more than the rental company’s own machinery. The idea was to establish a digital marketplace for the entire industry. Excavators, loaders, cranes, working platforms – all kinds of machinery a company needs. In 2019 the platform had its go-live. The range constantly grows towards the one-stop shop.

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What problem(s) is your tool solving?

So far, the renting of construction machines has been done by phone call and email. Is there a machine available? Which specifications does the machine have? Which conditions do I have (price, insurance etc.)? And much more.

As it is common in many other industries today, a customer should be able to get the relevant information via a platform and not via time-consuming requests.  With the help of Digando, the construction site disposition can be handled online via a company's account: Rent various types of machines from different rental companies in just one order, adjust bookings at any time, identify bottlenecks. Or rather: Do everything with just a few clicks. The machines that are displayed are available in the selected period. This means the rental really can be done immediately. We call this USP live availability.

There is really no need for a phone call. There are no opening hours anymore. The construction site disposition can be done round the clock, seven days a week.

Can you identify the range of your customers? What markets/regions do you focus on and where would you like to expand?

Digando's goal is to provide an one-stop shop for all kinds of construction sites. This includes companies of the construction sector as well as related industries, e.g. gardening and landscaping, the craft or municipal projects. In 2019 Digando started as Austria’s first digital platform for the construction machinery rental. The next step is the DACH region. This year Digando will expand to Germany, Switzerland follows afterwards. But the big goal is to provide the platform throughout Europe.

Could you provide 5 tags that describe your company and service the best?

#ConstructionMachinery #Digitalization #ProcessOptimization #Partnership #RealTimeData

 – we are the pioneer at the real-time rental through digital processes and intelligent ports to rental companies. All this is based on strong and fairly partnerships.

Source: Digando GmbH