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DIGANDO - Ready to Rent

Digando presents digitally-driven rental solutions

We had an opportunity to approach Mr Alexander Höss, Head of Product Management & Business Development, from a new Austrian startup Digando and find out interesting information about new digital solutions of construction equipment rental.

Could you briefly introduce your company?

Digando just launched the world’s first real-time platform for rental of construction equipment. As a new startup we are here to transform the construction site from the analogue to the digital age. Process optimization, saving of time and a better user experience embody the valuable benefits to our customers.

The name of your company seems like an abbreviation. What does it stand for?

The name Digando is a play on the words “Dig and Do”.

Who is your regular customer? Is it an individual or rather a representative of a smaller/larger company?

We are currently focused on business customers of any kind of company size. In the future, we will also extend our business to private clients with new partners that are specialized in this segment.

Which machines are rented most frequently?

Very popular are the Mini Excavators of Takeuchi but that isn’t a big surprise. Our very successful partner Huppenkothen is the market leader in Austria and this helps us to succeed. But we are also very satisfied with the other products on our platform and our progress in the first weeks on the market.   

Would you like to cover other markets outside Austria?

First, we will continue the onboarding process with new rental partners in Austria. Simultaneously we will finish some outstanding new features on the platform, for example the DigandoPlanner as an easy-to-use machinery management software. After that we will push the geographical expansion to other European countries. DIGANDO offers a real-time platform for rental of construction equipment

Customers can currently rent excavators, loaders and compaction equipment via your services. What about other types of machinery such as aerial work platforms, cranes or forklifts? Do you plan to add other machine categories to your portfolio?

Yes, for sure! With the growth of the partner network we aim to complete our portfolio as a full-service provider of equipment for the construction site. We will provide all frequently requested categories to our customers.

How important is the digitalization of the whole construction business?

This is a central driver behind our new platform. These are exciting times for the construction industry, and we think that the digitalization has a significant potential in this business. Today there are just the first crucial steps towards the future, and we will see huge transformations in the next years - we are well prepared for that.

Why should a customer choose

In contrast to our competitors we can serve all information about construction machines in realtime and the booking is available 24 hours each day. Also, the rental period can be lengthened or shortened online and uncomplicated, your machine will be reserved immediately at the selected location. Booking at is as easy as reserving a hotel room on the internet like millions of people do every day.

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Company overview

DIGANDO is an Austrian startup which provides rental of construction equipment via digital real-time platform. Customers can currently rent excavators, loaders and compaction equipment that is available on the Austrian market.

Source: LECTURA Verlag GmbH; Patrik Eder