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Doosan Bobcat - Mini Machines, Mega Benefits

Compact machines like the Mini Excavator and Skid Steer Loader are the best alternatives at real estate and infra construction sites that have confined and hard to reach places, and where large equipment have limited movement due to their size.


The Real Estate is one of the prime sectors that drives the economy and contributes hugely to the overall GDP of the country. Both the government and the priv‎ate sector are equally involved in driving growth of the real estate sector with their own set of initiatives and projects. Initiatives by the government such as housing for the low-income group are driven by its agenda for inclusive growth. Priv‎ate companies are the primary driving force of such projects as they eventually execute the government schemes by implementing efficient construction solutions. As a re‎sult, construction equipment widely used in Real Estate developments is seeing more and more innovations and upgradations as manufacturing companies undertake extensive R&D to come up with new products, driven by new technologies.


Real Estate development involves a lot of earth work, excavation, backfilling, and material movement during construction. Space constraint in sites poses a problem for easy movement of machines required for these jobs. The construction work is also highly labour intensive; there is great pressure to meet project completion deadlines; and shortage of skilled manpower, all of which slowdown the pace of work.

Mini Equipment: The Solution

Compact machines like the Mini Excavator and Skid Steer Loader are the best alternative at real estate sites since large equipment have limited movement due to their size. Bobcat has developed a range of Skid Steer Loaders and Mini Excavators which can easily replace 15-20 workers, thereby freeing up opport‎unities for the much-needed manpower for more skilled jobs such as plastering, bricklaying and plumbing, while helping the construction companies keep their project cost in check. 

Advantages of Mini Equipment

Compact: Contrary to popular belief, even large projects have a lot of areas which are confined and narrow to reach. There are limitations in using bigger construction machines due to constraints in terms of maneuverability which also leads to safety concerns. Skid Steer Loaders can reach confined spaces and work efficiently due to their nimbleness. Bobcat’s SSL range starts with its S70 which is powered by 23 HP engine and has a 318 kg capacity. The range goes up to S770 which is powered by 92 HP with 1520 kg capacity. India’s largest selling model Bobcat S450 is only 5 feet wide and remains the first choice of contractors.

Bobcat Mini Excavators range comprises E27 with 2.84 tons, E37 with 3.74 tons, and E64 with 6.1-ton operating weight. E27 and E37 are extremely compact with a width of only 5 feet, which enables them to move in confined spaces without difficulty.

Small yet powerful: One must not be misled by the small size of the machine as they pack a punch when it comes to performance. Their design, balance and weight distribution deliver more usable horsepower, powerful breakout and digging force, and faster cy‎cle times. The machines work quicker, lift more, and outperform to meet the various jobsite requirements.

More Attachments: SSL fitted with Bob-tach quick coupler mechanism and auxiliary lines as standard, allows more than 80 attachments to be easily attached and detached. Attachments include Auger, Breaker, Soil Compactor, Multipurpose buckets, to name a few.

SSL with soil compactor attachment can easily do compaction between the columns of a building. Fitted with Grapple or Pallet Fork, it is highly effective in material handling, even in uneven ground conditions, basements and in moving up and down the ramp where normal fork lifts cannot work.

Similarly, Bobcat’s newly launched R-Series of excavators come with auxiliary hydraulic lines with three different pressure settings, as standard. Quick coupler hoses are provided as well, which makes fitting other attachments like Breakers, Augers, Clamp Buckets very easy. This helps contractors to use the excavator with breaker for breaking or demolition jobs.


Ironically, India, despite its large population continues to face the challenge of manpower shortage and the high cost of a skilled workforce. When faced with approaching deadlines, contractors have to deal with the dual challenges of getting the work done on time, and without escalating the project cost. The Real Estate Industry is realizing that Mini Equipment, which are compact, power-packed, and highly efficient, have become a necessity. In fact, sales of such equipment have been growing steadily over the last few years and the trend is expected to become stronger and more widespread across the country.

Source: NBM&CW

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