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Doosan Infracore launches Tier 4 compact diesel engines with non-DPF design for OEM market

Three proven Doosan Infracore engine models offer advanced environmentally-conscious technologies appealing to OEM’s, dealers and end-users for a wide range of equipment and applications


(SEOUL, KOREA, March 2014)  — The Doosan Infracore Engine Business Group is introducing state-of-the-art compact diesel engine models — the D18, D24 and D34 — ranging from 1.8- to 3.4-liter displacement, and 50 to 110 horsepower and higher depending on configuration, for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market.

The new engines are compliant with both the stringent Tier 4 final standards in the United States and the European Union’s Stage IIIB & IV emissions standards, and will be marketed to OEM’s in the compact equipment industry. A leading producer of diesel engines since 1958, Doosan developed these compact engines to offer advanced environmentally-conscious technologies — specifically a non-diesel particulate filter (DPF) design — attractive to OEM’s because they provide advantages dealers and end-user customers want.

The Doosan compact engines are designed for a wide range of construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and material handling products among others. The company first entered the OEM market in 2012 by partnering with Bobcat Company, a member of the Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment group.

Doosan’s value proposition is well-suited for OEM’s: The Doosan compact engines have been through extensive in-machine testing with customers in real working conditions; Doosan has an extensive history in engine manufacturing, and for compact engine development, they’ve partnered with credible industry engine development consulting firms; Doosan as an organization has a strong foundation and added experience in construction and industrial product manufacturing — the compact engines were developed in collaboration with top engineers from other Doosan brands, and strict manufacturing guidelines of those brands match up well with the Engine Business Group’s own standards. 

A strong focus on engine development
For more than 50 years, Doosan Infracore has steadily leveraged its research and development capabilities and production technologies in Korea and beyond. Focused business expansion has allowed the Engine Business Group to become a global leader in supplying diverse customers with diesel and compressed natural gas engines, and it now operates facilities for engine assembly, materials production and parts processing. In addition to construction equipment, the Doosan Infracore Engine Business Group product portfolio has grown to include a strong presence in a wide range of engine markets including forklifts, generator sets, buses and trucks, marine and military hardware.

“With the introduction of our new compact engines, we believe Doosan is positioned to become one of the world’s top class engine makers offering the most advanced environmentally-friendly technology available,” said Dan Rim, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Doosan Infracore Engine Business Group.

Designed for superior performance and optimized convenience
Doosan compact diesel engines offer high power output, high low-end torque and continual performance even in challenging conditions and applications. Thanks to accumulated engineering expertise of Doosan,  all three compact engine models are powered to improve fuel efficiency while reducing noise, emissions and vibration.

The D18, D24 and D34 engine models also allow for simple installation and configuration to fit almost any type of equipment. Created with exemplary fuel efficiency and a maintenance-free aftertreatment system, Doosan compact diesel engines offer lower total cost of ownership over the total life of the engine. Customers can expect faster payback periods with Doosan compact engines compared to any other engine in this class.

Designed for sustainability
Typically, compact engine manufacturers apply a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to their aftertreatment systems with the goal of lowering emissions and addressing growing environmental concerns; however, the D18, D24 and D34 models use an innovative aftertreatment system that eliminates a DPF, reducing inconvenience and maintenance for the customer. A non-DPF engine design provides a simpler design; prevents the need for a larger mounting space; eliminates ash cleaning; enhances fuel economy; eliminates risk of thermal damage and reduces service claims.

Doosan achieved the non-DPF solution by designing an ultra-low particulate combustion (ULPC) engine. The ULPC is accomplished through a specially designed engine combustion chamber that significantly reduces the amounts of particulate matter created during combustion. Therefore, Tier 4
final and Stage IIIB & IV emissions compliance can be achieved without the need for a DPF.

Positive feedback from OEM’s and customers
Feedback from both OEM’s and end-user customers has been positive: members of the joint development team from Bobcat Company said they believe the partnership has been successful, with exceptional chemistry between the Doosan and Bobcat engineering groups.

Compact diesel engines were first equipped on Doosan forklifts. Customers who have experienced the new compact engines during testing in forklifts said they could feel the increase in power; engine response time improved; and engine noise was reduced.

“Doosan compact diesel engines were built with the customer in mind,” said Seyoung Kwak, Senior Vice President of Engine Development. “Listening to the voice of the customer allowed us to learn what customers wanted and needed. So we set out to build engines that were robust enough to endure the most challenging working conditions, but that were also incredibly user-friendly.”

Broadening applications
The Doosan Infracore Engine Business Group will continue to expand its portfolio of compact engines and applications for those engines. Recently, Doosan launched the D24 model engine for generator set at the 2014 Middle East Electricity Show in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

And, another new Doosan Tier 4 final equipment engine that offers a non-DPF solution will be introduced into the market soon, but is available now to OEMs.

The 5.8-liter DL06 diesel engine was originally introduced in 2005 for use in off-highway applications such as wheel loaders, and excavators made by Doosan and Bobcat Company. Building upon its proven ultra-low particulate combustion engine that eliminates the need for a DPF, the Doosan Infracore Engine Business Group was able to satisfy the tough North American and European emission standards through the additional use of a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system as part of its aftertreatment technology.

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At-A-Glance: Specifications

D18 model
No. of Cylinder In-line 3
Bore x Stroke  90 x 94mm
Displacement  1,794cc
Aspiration  Turbocharged & Intercooled
Max. Power  50hp (37kw) @ 2,800rpm
Max. Torque  165Nm @ 1,600rpm
Aftertreatment DOC (Tier 4 final)

D24 model
No. of Cylinder In-line 4
Bore x Stroke  90 x 94mm
Displacement  2,392cc
Aspiration  Turbocharged & Intercooled
Max. Power  74hp (55kw) @ 2,600rpm
Max. Torque  280Nm @1,600rpm
Aftertreatment DOC (Tier 4 final)

D34 model
No. of Cylinder In-line 4
Bore x Stroke  98 x 113mm
Displacement  3,409cc
Aspiration  Turbocharged & Intercooled
Max. Power  110hp (55kw) @ 2,400rpm
Max. Torque  430Nm @1,400rpm
Aftertreatment DOC + SCR (Tier 4 final)

Source: Doosan Bobcat EMEA