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Doosan Portable Power Intelligent Load Management System

Doosan Portable Power offers a generator option that can eliminate the potential for wet-stacking and the associated damage and performance issues it can cause for diesel generators.


The internally packaged Intelligent Load Management System (ILMS) option improves machine performance and decreases potential downtime associated with Tier 4-compliant mobile generators in light load and fluctuating demand applications.

The ILMS option automatically adjusts the engine and exhaust temperature with supplemental heat to ensure the generator operates at full capacity regardless of load demands. It avoids the forced downtime caused by load bank testing, another method for resolving wet-stacking issues that requires the generator to be connected to an exterior device.

The ILMS system requires no operator control or monitoring. It is compatible with any voltage output produced by the generator, meeting the needs of a variety of applications with no special setup or switching required.

This technology also reduces fuel costs compared with other methods of adding supplemental load. It’s an ideal option for Doosan generators used in rental applications where load demands are either unknown or incorrectly sized. For applications with fluctuating power demands, the system can instantly respond to ensure full generator capacity is always available in the event of a sudden heavy load demand, such as a motor start.

Doosan Portable Power offers the Intelligent Load Management System (ILMS) option across its small to mid-size generator lineup and select large generator models, including the G25, G40, G50, G70, G125, G150, G190, G240 and G325 models. 

Source: Doosan Portable Power