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Double level loading on a Kögel Mega

Double the number of pallet bays on curtainsider semi-trailers

It is now possible to double the number of pallet bays in all Kögel trailers from the Cargo and Mega product series with the double-level loading option. This way, these tarpaulin trailers can be used to transport up to 66 Euro pallets or up to 67, with skilled loading. This allows forwarding companies to transport non-stackable goods on two levels, and make even more efficient and profitable use of their trailers.

This is made possible by the double level loading option. Using steel C-rails and telescopic aluminium load-securing beams, a second loading level with a maximum payload of up to ten tonnes can be built in no time. The additional level provides space for 33 Euro pallets and thus doubles the number of pallet bays. The load-securing beams, made of aluminium, keep the tare weight of the trailer low while still enabling a high payload. For transport assignments that do not require a second loading level, the 24 load-securing beams can be stored in an optionally available storage bracket. In addition, the sliding roof with lifting roof function, which is optional on the Cargo version and standard on the Mega version, facilitates loading and unloading. As with all Kögel trailers with a sliding tarpaulin, the double level loading option requires no additional load-securing for a form-locked load, thanks to the DIN-EN-12642 Code XL certification.

Source: Kögel GmbH


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