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Sandvik at Steinexpo 2017

Durability and accuracy with new screening media from Sandvik

The all-new Sandvik WX6500 screening media, introduced at the Steinexpo show in Germany, August 30th to September 2nd, is a dependable, flexible screening media with a low environmental footprint. Offering unmatched uptime, it is designed to meet customers’ increasingly challenging production and cost targets.

It sorts like steellasts like rubber. Sandvik WX6500 screening media has the same accuracy as wire mesh at 2–32 mm separations. It offers everything a rubber media can, from 10 times the product life to easy delivery as a lightweight roll. Installed in barely half the time, it does the same job as mesh—but with less blinding, less pegging, fewer inspections, and a fraction of the media changes.

  • Fewer media changes
    With ten times the durability of wire mesh, Sandvik WX6500 gets changed significantly less often, so customers experience far less screen downtime.

  • High sizing accuracy: 232 mm
    Sandvik WX6500 has the same accuracy as wire mesh. For the very first time, customers can choose a rubber media for fine screening.

  • Less blinding and pegging
    The thinness and flexibility of the material prevents the blinding and pegging associated with wire mesh. Sandvik WX6500 gets customers the end product they want—the first time through the screen.

  • Fewer operating stops
    Because Sandvik WX6500 blinds and pegs less, customers avoid frequent media inspections. They spend less time on troubleshooting and replacements and more time producing.

  • Only two dimensions needed
    Sandvik WX6500 has all the advantages of rubber screening media, but none of the complexity. The length and width of the screen deck are all that is needed for a perfect fit.

Focusing on high separation efficiency and long service life, Sandvik has high-quality screening media to fit customers’ particular operations. Sandvik screens offer superior wear protection to meet high demands with regard to accuracy, clean air, efficient production, and uptime. The unique Sandvik offering makes screening media available in almost any size, thickness, and aperture shape, with patterns tailored to customers’ needs. 

Source: Sandvik Mining and Construction Central Europe GmbH


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