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Dyn@Link offers machine efficiency at a higher level

With the introduction of Dyn@Link, Atlas Copco Road Construction Equipment provides customers a tool to monitor and control their machine fleet efficiently and conveniently. This intelligent telematics system offers many possibilities to optimize fleet usage, reduce maintenance cost and save time and money.


The new telematics system Dyn@link is available in two versions: Dyn@link and Dyn@link Advanced. Both systems include the hardware with a SIM card, webpage access and a 12-month GSM connection package, which can be extended

Dyn@link – efficient Fleet and service management

With Dyn@link you can track your machines conveniently from the office, always knowing where they are and if they are running. The user can access this information from anywhere, anytime.   

By adding a notification email address the system automatically notifies the user when a machine enters or leaves a predefined area. Thanks to this geo-fence function within Dyn@link, it is very convenient to keep track of machines, even when not logged in to the webpage.   

Dyn@link also offers the possibility of setting up maintenance schedules. With this tool email notifications are sent to a pre-defined email account when a machine is close to its next service due date.   

In the maintenance overview users can see in one glance the service status of every single machine in their fleet. This helps plan service efficiently and react more quickly.   

This smart device can be installed on all Atlas Copco road construction equipment, even equipment in existing machines, due to the well-thought out design of the hardware. 

Dyn@link Advanced – maximize the effectiveness and productivity of your fleet

With Dyn@link Advanced, all the features of Dyn@link are of course included. Additionally, this intelligent device allows tracking of performance data for road construction equipment. With this data the fleet can be optimized, waste can be reduced and time and money can be saved.  

This smart tool offers the possibility of analyzing equipment performance in customized time frames. It is possible to track the machine’s idling time, travel time and of course fuel consumption and load factor, thereby helping to improve performance.  

With Excel extraction, this data can also be exported and saved on a computer for further analysis. 

Remote diagnostics – support at a higher level

Besides the maintenance function, Dyn@link Advanced also features the possibility of tracking failures and warnings remotely, keeping downtime to a minimum. As an example, the AddBlue® level on Tier4f/Stage4 machines can be tracked or a low oil level can be detected. All machine warnings are sent to the webpage or (if desired) to a registered email address.  

Customized website - all data easy to access

Depending on personal preferences and requirements, the Dyn@link online portal can be customized for measurement units, map settings and notification frequency.  

With the various filters and personal settings for graphs and tables, the webpage can be adapted to individual requirements to meet various customers’ needs. This makes the webpage very easy to learn and use. 

Source: Atlas Copco