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e-Spreader from Kubota adds higher precision to fertilising

  • Hybrid fertiliser spreader ensures exact spreading patterns

  • Combination of mechanical and electrical energy

  • Significant environmental and cost benefits

With the new hybrid fertiliser e-Spreader, Kubota takes the application of mineral fertiliser to the next level. The innovation of electrical low-voltage technology combined with tried-and-tested mechanical solutions now enables greater precision in fertiliser application. As an important component of Kubota's innovation strategy for autonomous field process control, the e-Spreader also helps to optimise the fertiliser application through different fertiliser rates for subareas.


The e-Spreader is fitted with a hybrid drive that uses both mechanical and electrical energy. It operates primarily on mechanical power, while a low-voltage motor controls the rotation speed of the spreading discs. The speed of each disc can be set independently, which offers considerable benefits, for example for border spreading or on headlands.

The double-disc spreader has a planetary gear system. The engine speed of the tractor can therefore be set to an optimum fuel consumption rate, independently of the desired spreading pattern. The electric drive is responsible for the control of the discs.

Current technical solutions, including those in precision farming, are reaching their technical limits in terms of high-precision fertiliser application because they are still dependent on the mechanical technologies of the machines. The e-Spreader overcomes these limitations and, as a result of up to ten per cent lower fertiliser usage, provides both economic and environmental benefits. The e-Spreader also saves money on account of lower fuel consumption due to an optimum engine speed. In combination with TIM (Tractor Implement Management) technology, variable fertiliser maps can be easily generated using FMIS (Farm Management Information Systems).

Source: KUBOTA (Deutschland) GmbH; EU Agricultural Business Unit