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Eco Expo Asia 2013 opens with thematic zones focusing on in-demand regional green solutions

Participating pavilions promote national and regional advancements in green technology

Eco Expo Asia, widely regarded as Asia’s leading annual exhibition for green business solutions, has gathered some of the world’s foremost experts in green technology for its eighth edition. Opening next week from 28 – 31 October at AsiaWorld-Expo, the fair aims to highlight green products and solutions for all parties concerned with reaching a greener future across Asia. The show’s organisers, Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council as well as co-organiser the Environment Bureau of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region have gathered nearly 300 exhibitors from 19 countries and regions, with specialties ranging from energy-efficient products to waste management solutions.

Highlighting the 2013 show are four uniquely-themed zones that focus on the most sought-after green-tech specialities in Asia. Designed to easily allow visitors to identify their target suppliers, the four zones are occupied by a number of exhibitors who have classified their area of expertise as Waste Management & Recycling, Green Building Solution & Service, Energy Efficiency & Energy or Eco-friendly Products. Some of the noteworthy participating exhibitors and their associated zones include:

JFE Engineering Corporation
(Waste Management & Recycling Zone)
One of Japan’s leading engineering firms, they join the fair to showcase their innovative technology, which can turn food waste and waste water into energy.

Key Source Limited
(Green Building Solution Zone)
Participating for its third year at Eco Expo Asia, the firm plans to promote its Dutch brand “CISCA”, a near-zero energy consumption building technology, which can be used in buildings both new and under renovation.

Finima Innovations Company Limited
(Energy Efficiency & Energy Zone)
A specialist in extracting kinetic energy from ocean waves and converting it into cost-effective electricity. The company is targeting individual and SMEs.

Light Resource Environment Co Limited
(Eco-friendly Product Zone)
A provider of LED solutions for a range of applications. The firm produces LED-based lighting products such as flat panel and flood lights in addition to tubes and bulbs.

Participating pavilions promote national and regional advancements in green technologyOne of the largest collections of pavilions in the show’s history will be present at the 2013 edition. National and regional trade associations as well as governmental organisations from around the world have helped bring together a group of companies with innovative green products and solutions. Participating pavilions and some of their associated exhibitors this year include:

Canada Pavilion – Organised by the Consulate General of Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment and the Trade & Investment Representative Office for the Province of British Columbia. The pavilion will present more than 15 Canadian firms focused on the development of air and water quality systems, energy-efficient products and green building solutions.

- Biorem Technologies Inc – A leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of highly-efficient air emission control systems which can eliminate odours, VOCs and hazardous air pollutants through the use of a patented technology.

Germany Pavilion – Through the support of the German Industry & Commerce, the pavilion debuts at Eco Expo Asia with a range of brands specialised in waste management & recycling.

- Eggersmann Anlagenbau – A subsidiary of Eggersmann Group, that specialises in recycling waste for various uses. In-house brands “BACKHUS” and “KOMPOFERM” will be showcased.

Japan Pavilion – Organised by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and Kyushu Economy International, the largest-ever Japanese pavilion for Eco Expo Asia will join the 2013 show. The pavilion’s main theme will be on waste management & recycling and energy efficiency.

- Syudensya Co., Ltd. – Designs and manufactures a recycling system named “KAN SYSTEM”, which turns food waste into organic fertiliser that enhances food quality and yield.

Russia Pavilion – Making its debut at the 2013 edition, the Russia Pavilion aims to share new and exciting solutions to environmental protection from Russian firms. The pavilion was organised by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation and GUP NSO "NOFPMSP".

Switzerland Pavilion – Premiering for the first time at Eco Expo Asia, the Swiss pavilion, organised by Swissenviro and featuring six exhibitors, will focus on waste solutions such as hazardous waste shredding, converting organic waste into resources as well as waste disposal and weighing systems.

-   DIGI SENS AG – Develops, produces and sells measuring systems which are based on the technology of the vibrating-wire. They will showcase their dynamic and static weighing of waste on garbage trucks systems.

Other confirmed pavilions for Eco Expo Asia 2013 will come from the Chinese mainland areas of Foshan, Guangdong, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen as well as Macau, the Environment Protection Department, Green Council and Green Technology Consortium from Hong Kong.

Taking place alongside the exhibition will be the Eco Asia Conference from 28 – 30 October. The three-day fringe event will host nearly 40 leading experts in green technology development, sharing their views on the areas of Waste Management & Recycling, Sustainable Energy & Energy Efficiency and Green Building. Another highlight event will be the “Research & Innovation for a Sustainable Growth Seminar” organised by the Italian Trade Commission. In addition, a public day will be available on 31 October to promote green living, daily eco-friendly products as well as green-tech concepts and solutions to the general public.

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