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Ecolog’s new 688E full-size harvester completes the E series

At Elmia Wood Ecolog presented the new harvester that completes the new E series. It is the eight-wheel drive Ecolog 688E. The machine weighs 23 tonnes and is slightly smaller than the company’s biggest harvester, the 590.

One of the keys behind the new E series has been close collaboration with Volvo Penta. The benefits are apparent in the new harvester.

“The engine, transmission and hydraulics are more compact, which means we could make the machine smaller behind the centre pivot,” explains Daniel Majgren, head of marketing at Ecolog.

Customers have been using the first E series machines for almost a year now. Their experience is that the Volvo engine has reduced fuel consumption significantly.

“We’ve had terrific response from contractors regarding both the fuel economy and the service level Volvo offers,” Majgren says.

The world debut of the Ecolog 688E at Elmia Wood now completes the series. The machine is intended mainly for export and is designed to work in steep terrain and to minimise ground pressure in sensitive areas.

The engine is a 7.7 litre Volvo Penta with 286 hp in the Tier 4f environmental class. The tractive effort is 200 kN. The crane has a reach of 11.5 metres with a gross lifting force of 270 kNm. One increasingly important value is the ground pressure. With the basic model it is 4.1 Newton per square centimetre.

Source: Elmia Wood


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