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Efficient agricultural innovations revealed at the CASE IH Field Days 2019

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CASE IH Field Days 2019

LECTURA Press attended the CASE IH Field Days event which was situated in Vienna and at the agricultural property owned by Prince of Liechtenstein in Wilfersfdorf, roughly 50 km north of Vienna in Lower Austria.

The event started with a press conference at the Vienna Marriott Hotel after a warm welcome from CASE IH top management. The press conference was held by three product experts showcasing the news and innovations.

After the introduction by Peter Friis, three product managers presented the lastest CASE IH innovations and news

Firstly, Brad Lukac, Traktor Product Manager Global, introduced the MAGNUM AFS Connect tractor series and all its significant parameters, including the brand-new MAGNUM 400. This tractor has rated power of 400 hp and is equipped with innovative 21 x 5 PowerDrive transmission (40 km/h Eco or 50km/h Eco) for increased productivity in the field. The transmission also features automatic shifting in Field and Road mode for best comfort. The MAGNUM 400 can be equipped with the Rowtrac technology with brake assisted steering.

The tractor series has been redesigned both from the outside and inside. New styling expresses the power and efficiency, whereas the interior is all about comfort, practicality and ergonomics. Operator’s area has been equipped with new ergonomic multicontroller with multi-function armrest, new remote valve paddles with LED colour coding and free configurability, advanced AFS Pro 1200 monitor and more.

The MAGNUM user interface contains the Multicontroller with ergonomic armrest, which hides 4 additional control buttons.

The second speaker, Rob Zemenchik, described the new generation of AFS (Advanced Farming Systems) Connect and MyCaseIH portal in details. The new version should be easier to navigate and more intuitive. The AFS is a handy tool which helps to manage the fleet, farm and data. The customers also have the option to share their gathered data to any third-party partners.

MyCaseIH is the new central platform and interface to manage machine fleet and access all the required documents. Moreover, it is the access point to the new AFS telematics portal, hence the coherence.

The Magnum AFS Connect users have the option to use the remote display viewing, which allows a farm manager to view exactly what an operator is seeing on the AFS Pro 1200 display in the cab


The last speaker, Maxime Rocaboy, presented the latest harvesting news. The combine harvesters Axial-Flow 150 and 250 series have been enhanced with Stage V exhaust after-treatment system, LED roof lights for night shifts, tri-stripe design and easier access for cleaning. The round balers of RB455-465 series have been also technologically updated to better match the rest of innovated products.

Another very interesting feature is the new TwinePro knotter system, eliminating the twine offcuts in the field, hence reducing the environmental impact and preventing animal feed contamination. This is achieved through the combination of a standard knot with a loop knot, which leads to higher bale density and strength but also additional bale security and cost reduction, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.

A bale packed by the new TwinePro technology knotter system combining two types of knots: a standard and a loop knot

After the press conference, we were given the opportunity to explore the AFS Connect Telematics and new MAGNUM user interface in greater details via two breakout sessions.

The showcasing was followed by an evening program, consisting of enlightening Vienna city tour and dinner with the CASE IH management.

The other day was all about the Drive&Ride sessions in the fields, where we tried and observed all the innovations in action as you can see in the photos below:CASE IH Magnum 380 in front of the Liechtenstein Castle WilfersdorfAxial-Flow 6150 combine harvester enhanced with LED roof lights for night shifts, new design and Stage V after-treatment systemUnder the hood of Magnum 380The AFS Connect Magnum 380 is equipped with Stage V ready 6-cylinder FPT Cursor 9 engine rated at 380 hpWe had the opportunity to drive the CASE IH 380 Magnum AFS Connect equipped with the Rowtrac technology and HORSCH Pronto 9 NT disc seed drillAt the wheel of Magnum 380. The seat is very comfortable and the driving is a lot easier than it seemsThe AFS Pro 1200 monitor dominates the operator environment. The Multicontroller is right below it. This bird's-eye view of the Magnum 380 with HORSCH seed drill was made from FASSI F275 hydraulic truck crane We could also operate Maxxum 110 with the CVXDrive - continuously variable transmissionThis CASE IH 300 Optum CVXDrive is equipped with innovative SoilXplorer soil sensor, which provides autonomous mapping of multiple soil parametres, thus increasing the tillage efficiency

The CASE IH Field Days was overall a very enriching experience. Both days were perfectly organized and handled without any complications — a big thank you to all the CASE IH staff and hosts! LECTURA Press already looks forward to other special events organized by CASE IH.

Source: LECTURA Verlag GmbH; Patrik Eder