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Electric, emission-free and innovative as always

Weidemann Hoftrac® 1190e
Weidemann Europe
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Weidemann Hoftrac® 1190e

IMAGE SOURCE: Weidemann GmbH

The reworked Weidemann Hoftrac® 1190e with Lithium-Ion battery.


Those who want to avoid CO2 emissions, noise and soot particles in buildings and while working can go for the fully electric 1190e from Weidemann, allowing you to work on site completely emission-free and with considerable reduction in noise (zero emission). This also takes care of the rider as well as the valuable livestock equally well in the agriculture as well as the horse industry. In the municipal sector, this results in specific aspects for use of machines in the cemetery office, in the building yard or in the inner city green zones. In hotel, commercial and industrial sectors, an emission-free and quieter work are also playing an increasingly important role.

A compact, fully electrically powered wheel loader already has its own tradition at Weidemann: the 1160 Hoftrac® has been successfully mass-produced since 2015. Many customers have consciously opted for the afore-mentioned advantages over years and they definitively no longer want to work without the electrically operated machines in their everyday work. With the 1190e, Weidemann is now introducing a complete rework of the model in the market with lithium-ion battery. A suitable selection of various driver's cabs is available for the 1190e, customised for different purposes: Fixed operator’s canopy, foldable operator’s canopy eps (Easy Protection System), which is provided for low clearances. Over and above that, the new, specially developed cabin can be used more regardless of the weather.
Weidemann Hoftrac® 1190e <br>IMAGE SOURCE: Weidemann GmbH

The new 1190e offers the customers many new features and options for an individual customisation and needs-based functioning – here is an overview of the essential features:

  • There are 3 maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries that one can choose from: the standard is 14.1 kWh; options are 18.7 kWh or 23.4 kWh. In addition, a 3 kW onboard charger is installed in the standard. Optionally, a second 3 kW onboard charger can be selected to increase the charging capacity to 6 kW, which is primarily suitable for the medium and large battery in order to achieve fast charging time.

  • Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) with considerably increased charging currents, warming-up to operating temperature, brief provision of performance peaks as well as a permanent monitoring the battery temperature – this increases the battery efficiency and categorically excludes deep discharge.

  • The charging process takes place via an easily accessible, central charging flap at the right side of the machine. Behind this, you will find the socket, the activation switch and the charge indicator. The charging cable is equipped with a control box to increase safety. This reliably prevents overload of the charging infrastructure.

  • The charging cable (Type 2 plug on machine-side) can be combined with a number of different plugs: 230 V Schuko, 400 V high voltage current or Type 2 plug with wallbox (plus another adapter plug). Viewed in total, the new flexible charging system offers an efficient and safe charging process and is well compatible with different infrastructures on site.

  • Two separate electric motors are used in the machine: one for the drive system (6.5 kW) and one for the drive of the work hydraulics. This minimises the power consumption, because the performance is only drawn when it is really needed. The electric motor for the drive system also allows a dynamic and powerful start-up of the machine.

  • The particularly safe, electrical parking brake provides both an auto-hold and hill-hold function. The brake automatically activates if the machine stands still, the direction of travels is set to neutral or the operator leaves the seat. Likewise, the parking brake is automatically released if the machine is put into gear using the accelerator pedal. Naturally, the brake can likewise be manually activated and deactivated by operating a switch. Furthermore, energy is gained back with the brake system via the so-called recuperation, which also extends the service life.

Weidemann Hoftrac® 1190e<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Weidemann GmbH

  • The continuous adjustment of the oil volume of the 3rd control circuit enables the use of attachments, which are operated using hydraulic continuous function. Thus, the oil volume can be adjusted individually to the respective attachment. This enables the operator to work comfortably and efficiently with the machine and the attachment.

  • If flexible use is required at several locations, the 1190e can be transported easily on a 3.5 t trailer.

Weidemann Hoftrac® 1190e<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Weidemann GmbH
With the new 1190e, Weidemann is now also offering a cabin version - ideal for all-year deployment. The cabin enables safe and comfortable work and offers many new features:

  • Despite its compact design, the cabin offers sufficient space for the operator and enables easy entry or exit with anti-slip steps.

  • The very good all-round visibility of the machine is based on the deep-drawn panes, a spacious roof cut-out and a shortened and bevelled rear of the machine.

  • Well thought-out heating concept for all requirements: Electrically heated front- and rear window for optimum visibility in every kind of weather, standard heating, comfort heating with still more power as well as roof-panel heating for a pleasantly radiating warmth.

  • Good ventilation even without air-conditioning system: Doors to the right and left can be locked for slot ventilation, doors to the right and left can both be opened by 180°. The rear window can also be opened.

  • New interior with a colour-oriented operating concept, multi-function joystick and ergonomically arranged display enable safe and comfortable working.

  • Additional comfort features complement the cabin: DAB+ Radio, right armrest height adjustable, adjustable steering column, comfortable operator’s seat (with seat heating/air cushioning) and diverse storage compartments.

Weidemann Hoftrac® 1190e<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Weidemann GmbH
The new 1190e has been awarded with the Equitana innovation award and the Sommet d`Or in France for its innovative details.

Source: GMC Marketing GmbH; Weidemann GmbH