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Electrified highway

Sivenmark AB operated Movax SG-75 and new DH-30 piling hammer, as a subcontractor to Rosenqvist Rail AB, at new highway experimental project in Sandviken in Eastern Sweden. Electronic solution supplier Siemens and truck manufacturer Scania are testing for new possibilities to put heavy vehicles running on electricity. The plan is to install overhead lines over the highway for trialling electric trucks with train style contactors on the roof.


610mm diameter tubular steel piles were driven to the road side to form foundations to masts that hold the electric lines over the road. The Movax SG-75 was used to pitch the piles to a gravel ground with varying sizes of boulders in it that made pile driving a challenge. The DH-30, a new 30kNm piling hammer from Movax, was utilized to back drive the piles to required depths.

Movax is supplying similar equipment to numbers of contractors working in railroad electrification and signalling projects. After years of collecting an experience and a valuable feedback Movax can offer combinations of the vibros and the drop hammers that all work off the same operator friendly and efficient MCS control system. Added with the TAD-30 drill Movax has it all for limited access piling with driven steel piles and cast-in –situ concrete piles.