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Epoke A/S’ new spreading disc with mixing chamber

Epoke A/S’ new spreading disc with mixing chamber achieves the best possible assessment


The new spreading disc with mixing chamber MIXUS AST has received the best possible rating by Agromek’s News Committee. The committee consists of a number of specialists who have rated, that Epoke’s new spreading disc receives 3 stars, which is the highest possible rating.


Epoke is simply trilled with the assessment and the sales department is counting days until the opening of the Agromek-Fair. ”We always look forward to the Agromek-Fair but when having used so many resources on developing a product and it achieves the best possible rating, we welcome it even more, said Export Manager John Overgaard Jensen.

Why choose MIXUS AST spreading disc with mixing chamber?

• 100% mix of salt and liquid– optimal adhesion to the road surface results in the best possible use
 of distributed amount of salt and reduced waste in ditches.
• Dynamic spreading width stabilization – clear delineation of the edges of the spreading picture, steady spread – width a homogeneous cross distribution of the salt.
• Optimal use of distributed amount of salt and reduced waste makes it possible to reduce salt consumption for the benefit of the vegetation and the groundwater.
• Increased safety for road users due to optimum pre-wetting and homogeneous cross distribution.
• Reduced costs for salt purchases due to optimum utilization of distributed amount of salt. 
• The use of the composite materials combined with an innovative brush system prevents the residual salt freezing at the spreading disc and reduces weight. 

Product description 

During the spreading there will be ongoing changes in driving speed, symmetry setting, spreading width and amount. This means that the quantity of material supplied to the spreading disc, in terms of both volume and weight, is constantly changing. 

The experts’ reasoning

The Agromek jury’s reasoning: The new spreading disc with mixing chamber is a completely new type of mixing chamber, where salt and liquid is being mixed to ”Slush”. The pre-wetted salt and the newly designed spreading disc wings on the plate give more precise spray pattern.  This leads to a better effect of the salt and benefits the environment by less salt ending up in the ditches. Traditionally salt and liquid will be spread on the road by a combi spreader. Traffic is now pending the mixture. In future the winter service must not depend on the traffic intensity, since the mixing is done in the chamber. It is possible that earlier SIRIUS AST-spreaders can be converted to that type of mixing chamber.