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Ergonomic lift relieves back strain in order picking applications

ECD 320 horizontal order picker offers two separate lift functions to support the ergonomic order picking of two pallets back-to-back · Excellent vehicle design includes jetPILOT multifunctional steering wheel · Highest energy efficiency for high performance in multi-shift operations


Ergonomic workplace design is becoming an ever higher priority for distribution centre operators, as ergonomics have a significant influence on the long-term health and performance of employees. To facilitate the work of order pickers who pick goods directly off the pallet, Jungheinrich has rounded out its new ECE model series with an additional vehicle fitted with an ergonomic lift. “Manual order picking is one of the more physically strenuous jobs in warehouse situations,” comments Matthias Maurin, Team Leader for Product Sales & Price Management for Warehouse Technology at Jungheinrich, adding: “The result of our intensive development activity has been the ECD 320 horizontal order picker with ergonomic lift, including a low climb-on step without edges and a comfortable work place.”

With a load capacity of 2,000 kg the ECD 320 horizontal order picker comes with two different lift functions which provide for the lifting of loads to an ergonomic height while at the same time a previously picked pallet can be transported on the initial lift. The result is that the order picking process can be directly continued on the second pallet, while cutting down on the number of trips to the outgoing goods area as well as the on the travel time itself. What is more, the unloading of the full pallet on the longer initial lift forks results in a lower combined centre of gravity for vehicle and payload, thus lowering the risk of accidents for operator and goods and supporting higher travel speeds, even in curves.

Jungheinrich offers two mast variants for the truck (700 mm and 1,500 mm), while the safety features include an optional load guard and pallet holder. The colour differentiation between the mast fork and initial lift fork moreover reduces the risk of accidentally lifting the previously picked pallet positioned on the rear section of the initial lift fork.

The centrally positioned driver workspace is equipped for convenience, offering the operator an ideal view in any direction. The two lift functions can be activated either via a lifting/lowering button integrated in the backrest or via the jetPILOT multifunctional steering wheel. Recently honoured with a 2016 Red Dot Design Award as one of the best product in the category of “Vehicle Accessories”, the jetPILOT multifunctional steering wheel supports intuitive and comfortable vehicle operation similar to driving a car. Its features include safe driver support and individual height adjustability to fit the driver’s own height. The jetPILOT can moreover be safely operated with one hand and automatically reverts to straight-ahead travel when released. In addition to the standard stand-on platform, Jungheinrich optionally offers a sprung comfort platform, which can be adjusted to the driver’s weight to reduce strain on the back and spine in case of jolts and uneven floor surfaces.

The Jungheinrich ECD 320 is fitted with a dynamic 24-Volt drive motor with three-phase A.C. technology, providing the vehicle with top notes in acceleration and letting it reach a maximum speed of 14 kilometres per hour. This makes the ECD 320 ideal for applications which require frequent starts or numerous changes in travel direction. A number of different option packages and the load and steer angle-dependent curveCONTROL assistance system guarantee dynamic acceleration, safe cornering and a high end speed with optimum energy utilisation. This means the Jungheinrich ECD 320 combines the highest order picking performance with ideal energy efficiency and first-rate driving comfort.

“Jungheinrich is the market leader in the horizontal order picker segment. Our newly designed ECE and ECD series have made our tried-and-tested trucks even better, including completely redesigned elements like the jetPILOT multifunctional steering wheel. These new trucks provide for ergonomic working conditions and are suitable for wholesale/retail and logistics operations which require the time-optimised order picking of high volumes of particularly fast-moving goods,” explains Maurin.

The horizontal order picker with ergonomic lift is available with two different battery concepts. This means the ECD 320 can be fitted with either a lead-acid or lithium-ion battery. The interim charging capability of the lithium-ion batteries makes the order picker suitable for round-the-clock, multi-shift operations without requiring a battery change. Another new feature consists of the integrated DayLED daytime running lights, which substantially increase passive safety, above all in dimly lit indoor areas.

Source: Jungheinrich

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