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ESCO MaxDRPTM Plus Replacement Teeth

ESCO recently increased the offering of the premium MaxDRP Replacement Teeth with the MaxDRP Plus System for J-Series Teeth and R-Series Rippers.


Caterpillar assemblies are easily converted to MaxDRP Plus replacement teeth with no modification to the existing nose. ESCO’s MaxDRP teeth have enhanced profiles over conventional J-Series and R-Series teeth that provide greater strength, improved production and longer wear life.

Designed for safety and ease-of-use, the MaxDRP Plus system utilizes a unique pin and collar locking system. The hammerless system does not require any special tools which increases site safety and allows faster tooth replacement.

In addition, ESCO superior point alloy has an average hardness of 525 Brinell without sacrificing impact toughness. The closest competitor is in the 470 Brinell hardness range.

The result: ESCO alloys and refined profiles deliver up to 25% longer wear life - significantly reducing maintenance costs and unplanned downtime.

The MaxDRP Plus J-Series replacement teeth are currently available in abrasion, chisel and sharp profiles in 450 through 800 sizes. R-Series replacement teeth are offered in popular abrasion and penetration profiles in R450 through R550 sizes. 

Source: ESCO Group LLC