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ESCO® Mining Buckets – The Top Choice for Tough Applications: Reliable custom engineered buckets reduce maintenance and increase production

Excavator with ESCO bucket
ESCO International
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Excavator with ESCO bucket


ESCO delivers a full line of mining buckets developed to meet the demanding needs and toughest applications. In addition to offering a complete line of value-added attachments, ESCO’s dedicated staff will ensure your equipment operates efficiently to maximize productivity and lower total cost of ownership.


The comprehensive bucket offering includes a range of custom options to meet specific mine site requirements with full wear protection for severe abrasion and impact conditions. All tooth style buckets come standard with ESCO’s market leading Nemisys® tooth system for exceptional performance.

New Dragline Bucket

ESCO ProFill® dragline buckets are built using proprietary cast alloy construction, developed from over 100 years as a manufacturer of premium steel castings. All ProFill buckets are built to deliver superior productivity and maximum durability under the toughest digging conditions. The new ProFill Delta bucket continues that tradition. ProFill Delta buckets provide increased productivity and cost savings that customers have come to expect from ESCO with the added benefit of reduced rigging complexity. Eliminating the lower spreader bar and associated components reduces rigging weight by up to 15%.

Advanced Cable Shovel Dipper Features

ESCO® Production Master® dipper lips are single-piece castings poured in premium alloys for excellent toughness and weldability. The wide range of lip profiles can match customer requirements and optimize dipper performance. Production Master’s innovative door and pivot point results in lower impact truck loading and reduced likelihood of truck cabin shock. The short travel door provides an expanded target dump zone in the truck body. This allows operators to efficiently load the truck for faster cycle times.

Mining Class Hoe Buckets

ESCO mining hoe buckets are performing at hundreds of locations on 6 continents. Using high-strength steel fabricated to exacting specifications keeps machines operating with excellent reliability and significantly less maintenance. Enhanced beam shapes, configuration and weld-joint design using advanced finite element analysis (FEA) tools distributes operational stresses for increased durability.

Hydraulic Face Shovel Buckets

ESCO produces reliable, performance-driven face shovel fronts and backboards for the world’s most demanding mine sites. Available for 120 to 800-ton machine classes, sized to match site payload specifications. ESCO face shovel fronts feature reliable cast hinge necks made from durable ESCO alloy 12T provides high strength to low weight ratio compared to fabricated hinges.

Wheel Loader Buckets

ESCO produces reliable, performance-driven wheel loader buckets built for the world’s most demanding mine sites. Engineered to deliver payloads meeting site production requirements, buckets are available in extra heavy-duty (XHD), heavy-duty (HD) and general purpose (GP) duty classes. Attachment lugs wrap under the bucket to spread stress loads evenly. Single-beam HD or triple-formed XHD beams are engineered to meet application demands.

ESCO Wear Materials   

Custom wear packages are available for new buckets or for retrofit to existing customer buckets. The wide variety of cast and plate wear products to choose from ensures the right protection in the right location to match the application. ESCO wear material options include Infinity® chrome white iron button and blocks, ESCO AR 400 and 500 plate, Infinity chromium carbide overlay plate, Kwik-Lok® II cast steel wear runners, as well as cast corner wear shoes and cast Nemisys and Toplok® wing shrouds.

Source: ESCO Group LLC