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Every centimetre counts

PALFINGER Crawler Crane 57.002
Palfinger Europe
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PALFINGER Crawler Crane 57.002

Versatile, adaptable and manoeuvrable: the PALFINGER PCC 57.002 crawler crane performs outstandingly where other cranes fail – whether on off-road terrain or in tight indoor spaces.


A narrow, labyrinthine production hall, solid steel and concrete beams in the masonry and conveyor systems that need to be replaced – a welcome challenge for the latest PCC 57.002 model from PALFINGER’s crawler crane range.

Working in the tightest of spaces

Thanks to its crane geometry – a combination of slimline design, sophisticated kinematics and high-precision control – the PCC 57.002 can lift heavy loads in low passageways and other areas where construction workers have to mind their heads. The PALFINGER crawler crane's double linkage system ensures that heavy loads can be lifted – including around projecting edges – even in awkward positions and when its knuckle boom system (optionally with fly jib) is overstretched.

But above all, the PCC 57.002 can ‘shift’ – in other words, it can be decoupled from its crawler chassis and moved in spaces with restricted headroom using its stabiliser outriggers. Shifting is particularly useful when the crane needs to pass obstacles without its crawler chassis or if it is necessary to protect sensitive flooring. Shifting on the longitudinal and lateral stabiliser outriggers can also increase stability.

Flexible radio remote control


The crawler crane is manoeuvred using the PALFINGER PALCOM P7 radio remote control, always from the best location, through any tight spot and past any obstacle with precision and sensitivity. The radio remote control can be used to level out the entire crane unit using the adjustable telescopic stabilisers. The H-shaped stabilisation frame ensures optimum stabiliser positioning and lifting capacity.

Mario Eitzlmayer, who was tasked with the transport of machinery during foundry renovations, summarises the benefits: 'Its compact design, high degree of manoeuvrability and flexible stabilisation options are a big advantage for us, as is, of course, the ability to “shift” – especially in the narrow confines of a production hall. Here, every centimetre really does count. For applications like these, the crawler crane is simply unbeatable!'