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Terex Fuchs has received the world-renowned iF Design Award for the new Fuchs cabin, with which the new MHL390 F handling machine is equipped Go to photo
Terex Fuchs has received the world-renowned iF Design Award for the new Fuchs cabin, with which the new MHL390 F handling machine is equipped

Excellent design for Terex Fuchs

Terex® Fuchs, the manufacturer of high-quality machines for efficient material handling, received the world-renowned design award from iF International Forum Design at this year's iF Design Award. The new Fuchs cabin, which had competed with the new MHL390 F material handler, was awarded the prize. This year a total of 5,575 entries from 59 countries have applied for the coveted seal of quality.

The international and high-ranking 58-member jury of experts from 19 countries awarded the quality seal in the category "products" for the high-quality and innovative design of the fox cabin. For three days the jury members have critically examined the nominated products in terms of innovation and elaboration, functionality, aesthetics, responsibility and positioning. The MHL390 F material handler with the fox cabin has scored due to the sliding glass door, which allows the operator to safely and comfortably enter and exit the machine, the large-area roof window and the negatively inclined windshield, which offer an optimal view both upwards and downwards.

Fuchs machines are characterized by an extremely robust and stable construction and are thus optimally suitable for the use in the sometimes rough environment of scrap handling. Highly durable steel structures and an extremely solid undercarriage make for stability, while the powerful hydraulics ensure that even the heaviest loads are handled with ease and speed. No matter how hard it is outside, the cabin is an ideal environment for safe and fatigue-free work – so the feel-good factor becomes the performance factor

The versatile and extremely powerful MHL390 F is designed specifically for port handling applications. Equipped with a powerful and energy-efficient 300 kW diesel engine, a maximum reach of 24.5 m and the Fuchs service platform, the new handling machine is particularly suitable for demanding applications. In combination with the new fox cabin, which can be raised up to a height of 8.70 m, the vehicle is a powerful workhorse for efficient and smooth handling of materials such as coal, grain, logs, scrap and big bags.

“We are very proud to receive the coveted iF Design Award," explains Dominik Vierkotten, Managing Director of Terex Fuchs. "With the MHL390 F in combination with the new Fuchs cabin, we have achieved a symbiosis of ergonomics, safety, functionality and design, which should help to significantly increase the efficiency of material handling. The new cabin design is not only due to the use of innovative technologies, a symbol for developments by Terex Fuchs, but also because of the distinctive branding with the fox silhouette.”

Efficiency, flexibility, performance as well as endurance are characteristics that are at the top of the list of requirements for recycling. Fuchs machines are optimally equipped for the successful and high-volume handling in outdoor areas or in the hall. A stable stand and high load capacity even with large working radii, the same as gentle and precise loading hydraulics, an extremely robust statics and equally powerful and economical engines are characteristics that are indispensable on recycling yards

If you look at the new fox cabin, the stylized head of the fox will catch the eye instantaneously, which is a stylistic element in the cabin design at numerous points, both in the exterior as well as in the interior. The fox is the trademark of the company and was not only the sponsor of the company's logo, but also the name giver of the company. Terex Fuchs deliberately incorporated the form language of the fox silhouette in the design of the cabin. It should not only create a distinctive branding of the product and a direct market allocation but it was also intended with recurring and familiar design elements, to establish an emotional bond not only with the machine operator but ultimately also with the customer. The cabin has been specially designed for Terex Fuchs material handlers and is designed to provide the operator with great benefits in terms of ergonomics, comfort, visibility and safety.

The design and equipment of the cabins have always attracted a great deal of attention from the developers of Fuchs: An ergonomic and safe workplace makes a decisive contribution to the efficiency of an application. This is why features such as intuitive joystick control, a clear multi-function display, large panoramic windows as well as a workplace designed for fatigue-free work, are part of the standard equipment at Terex Fuchs. In the new fox cabin these aspects were perfected.

The newly developed sliding door concept significantly improved the safety when entering or leaving the machine. The operator can push the vehicle door to the side without great effort, and enter and exit comfortably and safely through the wide opening, even in tight spaces or strong winds. The negatively inclined front windshield also contributes to greater safety. This ensures a perfect visibility downwards. In addition, it protects the driver from sunshine and allows excellent visibility even in the rain – due to the shielding effect. A large roof window with sun protection also ensures that the operator has the best possible all-round visibility. Powerful LED worklights also ensure optimum illumination of the working area.

With a highly flexible and individual range of mobile and stationary material handlers, Fuchs offers the right equipment for today’s port logistics needs. Massive grapple dimensions, large working radii even at full load and an equally powerful, fast and precise hydraulics allow loading and unloading in record time. Thanks to the panorama Fuchs cab which can be lifted up to 8.70 m depending on the model, the driver always has an excellent overall view of his working area. Power packs, such as the MHL390 F, are predestined for a variety of different applications in the harbor and form the link between ship, truck, wagon, conveyor belt and storage location

In the interior, the cabin provides the operator a maximum of comfort with an optimal use of space. This is reflected in an excellent head and leg room as well as a comfortable seat. Also the fact that the interior offers the driver numerous storage options, with sufficient storage compartments for personal items, such as writing utensils or smartphone as well as a refrigerator for beverages and snacks, makes the heart of the operator beat faster. The multi-function touch monitor is the central operating terminal for all vehicle functions. Via the large and easy-to-read display, the employee can operate the vehicle in an ergonomic position without fatigue.

For an optimal illumination of the interior, the cabin has an interior lighting with an ambient function. Automatic airconditioning, infinitely variable heating with an 8-speed fan, ten adjustable air nozzles as well as three defroster nozzles ensure that the operator always sits warm, even when temperatures outside are cold. The climate control system ensures optimal air conditioning and perfect air supply in the cabin.

Thus not only the design elements, such as the always recurring fox silhouette, ensure a high recognition value of the Fuchs cabin, but also the uncompromising focus on ergonomics, comfort, all-round visibility and safety leave no doubt that this is a high-quality product from Terex Fuchs.

When it comes to bringing on woodyards and sawmills with a maximum of efficiency movement into to the market, then agility and speed are required. The Fuchs undercarriages, specially designed for the wood handling, have a particularly impressive driving performance with high cornering and a high level of driving stability. For the fast clearing of the lane and an uncomplicated alignment of the trunks, polter shields are attached to the undercarriage. With the optimal live heel kinematics, tree trunks can be grasped outside the center and still maneuver in an exactly horizontal position. The Terex Fuchs machines are therefore an ideal tool for the precise conversion of longwood


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