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Extension to the existing product range

The successful UX Special model range, in tank capacities of 3,200 l or 4,200 l, are now joined by an additional size with a tank capacity of 5,200 l. The standard equipment of the UX 5200 Special includes a high-performance 380 l/min pump to ensure adequate agitation. The over-capacity 380 l/min pump is available across the complete UX Special range and extends the boom width potential of the Super-L2 booms for all UX Specials from its existing maximum of 30 m to 36 m.

New design


At Agritechnica, the UX Special range will be presented in a new design. The design, with its grey elements in and around the area of the operator station, fresh water tank and the induction bowl, is based on the design of the UX Super.

High-capacity and reliable 380 l/min pump

The UX 5200 Special has a single pump system with an output of 380 l/min. The pump is driven as standard via the wide-angle PTO shaft. During filling at its nominal speed, full pump capacity is available for filling the spray agent tank. The venturi can, at the same time, be used to draw liquid out of the induction bowl or increase the overall water filling rate to 500 l/min.

Induction bowl and venturi

The familiar and extremely effective induction bowl on the UX Special has a capacity of 55 l and ensures the safe induction of plant protection agents. Active ingredients, in powder or granulated form, are reliably dissolved in the induction bowl with its integrated rinse ring that includes an additional nozzle, and can be quickly and simultaneously inducted with the venturi. The induction bowl has a dust-proof seal and can be cleaned internally when closed using the canister rinse nozzle. The induction bowl has a rotating cleaning nozzle for easy cleaning of spray agent canisters and measuring jugs. These make it possible to make full use of sticky spray agents and to rinse the canisters very thoroughly.

SmartCenter – centralised operator station on the UX Special

The UX Special crop protection sprayers have a centralised and ergonomically- designed operator station, the SmartCenter. To prevent any mix-ups, all the operating controls are arranged logically on the front, left-hand side, directly next to the tractor cab door, All UX Specials also have, as standard, manual fill level indicators for both the spray agent tank and the flushing water tank in the SmartCenter. As an option, a digital display for the fill level of the spray agent tank can be specified for the operator station.

Comfort-Pack – for the in-cab control of the liquid system

The optional Comfort-Pack on the UX Special controls the most important functions of the spray liquid system, such as the automatic fill stop, agitator control and automatic, remote-controlled cleaning via an ISOBUS terminal in the cab. The automatic fill stop for the suction hose or when pressure filling from a bowser ensures that the operator has only the desired amount of spray agent in the tank.

The hydraulic agitator in the spray agent tank is automatically switched off in proportion to the fill level, in order to prevent foaming of the plant protection agent and to make it easier to spray out any residual volumes. Sequentially-switched internal cleaning nozzles ensure the most effective washing out during the automated, remote-controlled cleaning cycle. Comfort-Pack automatically ensures that the agitator and the spray line are also flushed out.

From part-width section control to individual nozzle control

A broad range of part-width section control and individual nozzle control are available for the UX 5200 Special, as with the other product types of the UX Special. In its simplest version, the machine can be equipped with traditional part-width section valves offering up to 13 part-width sections. This can be complemented by the tried and tested DUS pressure re-circulation system. At the next level of specification, the Special can be equipped with AmaSwitch individual nozzle switching and the associated 50 cm part-width sections. The highest level of sophistication is provided by AmaSelect individual nozzle control.

Source: Amazonen-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG