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Falcon Spider FS320

Falcon For new Nordea Bank Headquarter

A Falcon Spider FS320 has recently been put into operation in new Nordea Bank Headquarter in Copenhagen. With it´s 33 m working height and 14 m side reach the electric driven Falcon will service the complete building. When not in use the Falcon Spider will be parked in it´s own "Storage room" on the first floor of the building.


"Designed by the Famous Danish architect, Hening Larsen Architects the core of the new state of art building will be centered around an open trading floor area in several floors, which will accomodate 600 dealers 24/7, and a huge amount of tecnical equipment", explains Sales manager Brian Falck Schmidt.

" The trading floor has created siqnifical challenges in relation to operating the Falcon. Therefore we are very pleased that Nordea went with the Falcon solution to the demanding needs", Brian Falck Schmidt ends. 

Source: TCA LIFT


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