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Falcon has landed on Jersey…

Falcon has landed on Jersey…
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Falcon has landed on Jersey…


The Channel Islands Largest Tracked Access Platform has arrived at 4Group Ltd. On Jersey.

This is the first unit we have delivered to Jersey, and we are quite excited by the trust that Wojciech Duszkiewicz and Nicky Horsfall – both Directors at 4Group (4hire rental company at Jersey) and their team at 4Group have shown our company by choosing Falcon Lifts as their partner says Brian Falck-Schmidt Sales Director at Falcon Lifts.

After a long wait, we are delighted to announce the arrival of our latest addition to the fleet the Falcon FS420 Double Crawler Spider Access Platform says Wojciech and continues …we recognize Falcon Lifts for the quality of service provided by the company. We sincerely appreciate the efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability they have demonstrated on this project.
Falcon has landed on Jersey…<br>IMAGE SOURCE: FALCON LIFTS


This unique piece of equipment is designed to carry out the most demanding access tasks both indoors and outdoors. Its double track design offers excellent off-road capability, while the minimum width of 1.22m allows this machine to perform excellently during indoor operations. For indoor operation the Falcon is equipped with a battery pack for silent and emission free operation. This turns the Falcon lift series into a product category matching the demand of today in regards to sustainability, useability and safety for working at height.

It’s also equipped with a unique double fly-jib facility which allows the operator to work in very hard to reach areas where other types of MEWPs simple cannot reach. The Falcon 420 Double Track has a huge working height of 42m and a maximum outreach of 20m.

I am pleased with the GSM service module and onboard diagnostic system that allows superb service back up by the Falcon team within a few minutes.” said Nicky Horsfall “.  ”As the Falcon is the only platform of its kind on Jersey quick online service back up is a must on an island,” adds Falck- Schmidt.

Back in early 2020 Falcon Lifts A/S received the inquiry for this first Falcon to reach Jersey –  for a residential development project. At this early stage we had our experienced technical team in close cooperation with the development project team, advising and verifying which access solution could solve the need for maintaining the building complex reports Falck-Schmidt.
Falcon has landed on Jersey…<br>IMAGE SOURCE: FALCON LIFTS

After some discussions we ended up with a rental solution of the Falcon 420 Double Track to be purchased through 4Group / 4hire and now finally 2,5 years later we are very pleased to deliver the Falcon which will be available for rental also to solve other assignments on Jersey.