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FALCON SPIDER FS 290 in Oceania Shopping Mall in Russia

FALCON SPIDER FS 290 is sold and recently handed over to the Oceania Shopping Mall in Moscow, Russia.


The FALCON SPIDER lift with 29 meters working height and with the amazing double jib was handed over to clean and maintain the inside of the large Oceania Shopping Mall in Moscow.

The Oceania Shopping Mall consists of 137.000 square meters, and 18.5 millions visitors go through the mall and the 300 shops every year. With its bright architecture and contemporary design and a huge cylinder formed aquarium placed between the stairs, and through 4 stores in the middle of the mall. A panoramic lift is placed inside the aquarium. The aquarium, which was the main job for the FALCON to maintain, is 27 meters high.

“No other machine could provide this type of maneuverability, to pass through the narrow doors of the building, and give an access to glazed walls of the aquarium” Brian Falck Schmidt, Sales Director at Falcon Lifts says.

The FALCON SPIDER FS290 was chosen due to the low ground pressure, the compact design, and the double jib. The compact transport position and the low weight make it possible to move the FALCON from one mall to another, and gives the possibility to have one FALCON for several buildings to provide a quality maintenance.