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Featuring INNOVATIVE Lifting Technology: Coussens takes delivery of Demag® AC 60-3 and AC 100-4L all terrain cranes

British crane rental company Coussens Crane Hire, which is based in Bexhill-on-Sea in East Sussex, has just added two new Demag all terrain cranes to its fleet: Not only a Demag® AC 60-3 with a 50-meter main boom, but also a Demag® AC 100-4L with a 59.4-meter main boom that can have its reach extended with a 19-meter swing-away jib, which the company also ordered. Both cranes feature the innovative IC1-Plus control system, which utilizes the maximum available lifting capacities when working with asymmetrical outrigger configurations in tight space conditions, as well as a remote control.


“The remote control is particularly useful when it comes to lifts without an unobstructed view,” explains Managing Director Paul Coussens, who states that the crucial factor that influenced his purchase decision for the AC 100-4L was its compact design: The crane is 2.55 meters wide, and no other crane in the same capacity class has a smaller width. He also considers the Demag AC 60-3 all terrain crane to be the ideal machine for lifting roof trusses, steel girders, and concrete components at large working radii or over and beyond obstacles. “In addition, with its lifting capacity of up to 60 tonnes, the AC 60-3 is also the right choice for lifting heavy loads such as boats at tight radii. This makes it a particularly versatile unit for our purposes,” Paul Coussens explains.


Source: Terex Cranes