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Fifteen New Products Introduced at IFPE / CONEXPO

Comatrol is Introducing Nine New HSV High Pressure Solenoids, Four New HLE High Pressure Logic Elements & Two Dual Counterbalance HICs s/ Make‐up Checks


HSV High Pressure Solenoid Valves:
The new Comatrol HSV High Pressure Solenoid Valve portfolio continues to grow. Last year, the 10, 12 and 16 size poppet‐type designs were introduced to the market, along with 10 size 2‐Way spool valves.  The result of these releases added fourteen new HSV solenoid valves to the Comatrol portfolio. At IFPE, Comatrol is launching nine new HSV valves and one new manual override option for these families.

To complement the HSVP10, HSVP12 and HSVP16 size poppet‐type for those higher flow, high pressure applications, the HSVP20 poppet design will be launched at IFPE, with a rated flow of 265 LPM [70 GPM]. As with the other HSVP poppet designs, 4 schematics are available: Normally Open, Normally Closed, Normally Open w/ Reverse Free Flow and Normally Closed w/ Reverse Free Flow.

The 10 size spool‐type (HSV10) valve line has also expanded and will be launched at IFPE. In addition to the already released 2‐position, 2‐way valves (HSV10‐22‐01 & HSV10‐22‐02), the portfolio has grown by 5 more valves: HSV10‐23‐01 and HSV10‐23‐02 which are 2‐position, 3‐way valves; HSV10‐24‐01 is a 2‐position, 4‐way valve; and HSV10‐34‐02 and HSV10‐34‐05 which are 3‐position, 4‐way valves. The key feature of all the HSV10 spool‐type valves is their market‐leading flow capacity, which in some cases is double the flow of their 210 bar counterpart. These valves were designed with high flow and low pressure drop to help minimize losses in the hydraulic circuit, thus conserving power and saving fuel on the vehicle.

All high pressure valves are tested and qualified to 1 million duty cycles at 350 bar (5075 psi) according to NFPA T2.6.1 standards. The complete HSV family will now consist of 23 valves, and will continue to grow in 2014/2015.  To complement the new solenoid valves, a new manual override option will be released at IFPE, which will be available on both the high pressure (HSV) and standard pressure (SV) product lines. The new Push‐and‐Twist (PAT) design allows the operator to push and then twist the manual override into a detented position. This allows for emergency actuation of the solenoid valve, holding the valve in the shifted position without requiring electrical signal to the coil. Repeat the push then twist operation to release from the shifted position.

HLE10 High Pressure Logic Elements:
In addition to expanding high pressure solenoids, the HLE high pressure logic element line is continuing to grow. Comatrol designed the HLE10 models with the focus on delivering high performance in costeffective valve designs with small space claims. These 350 bar (5075 psi) logic elements use a 10‐3S cavity, which allows for higher flow than a standard 10‐3 cavity.

Adding to the recently launched HEL10‐CPC (Normally Closed, Pilot‐to‐Close) and the HLE10‐OPO (Normally Open, Pilot‐to‐Open) family, Comatrol is launching 4 new valves at IFPE. The HLE10‐CVO is a high pressure logic element, normally closed, vent‐to‐open and features a rated flow of 80 LPM (21.1 GPM).  This valve can be applied as a pilot operated relief valve (proportional or mechanical), pump unloading, pilot operated sequence valve or a selector valve, when used with other valves in the circuit.

Each of these three HLE10 schematics are now available with an external screw adjustment and will be identified as HLEA (high pressure logic element, adjustable): HLEA10‐CPC, HLEA10‐CVO and HLEA10‐OPO. The adjustability allows the operator to change the compensator setting of the logic element, ranging from 2.75 to 15.2 bar (40 to 220 psi). This is especially helpful when fine tuning the application, providing flexibility to the operator and allowing for machine optimization.

Dual Counterbalance w/ Make‐up Checks:

Last, but not least, Comatrol is introducing 2 frame sizes of dual counterbalance, pre‐engineered HICs that include integral makeup checks. The DCB10‐MC has the capacity for flows to 57 LPM (15 GPM) and the DCB12‐MC 95 LPM (25 GPM) and both are available in aluminum [(210 bar (3,045 psi)] and ductile iron [350 bar (5,075 psi)] bodies. Dual counterbalance HIC’s are used for controlling loads in bi‐directional motion such as wheel & swing motor applications or for cylinders going over center. When make‐up feature is needed, connect ‘T’ port to reservoir or charge system. This allows the load to be smoothly controlled with minimum energy loss, while eliminating noise due to cavitation.