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First look at host of new John Deere products at Cereals

The John Deere S7 combines will be on show for the first time in the UK at Cereals
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The John Deere S7 combines will be on show for the first time in the UK at Cereals

IMAGE SOURCE: John Deere Limited

  • John Deere introduces the new S7 Series combines at Cereals, featuring four models ranging from 449hp to 617hp, designed to improve grain quality, operator comfort, and machine efficiency.

  • The 5M Series expands with the debut of the 5130M, offering up to 135 horsepower and new transmission options for enhanced performance in a variety of tasks.

  • John Deere to demonstrate the R740i, R962i, and 340M sprayers at Cereals, showcasing advancements in crop spraying technology including the PowrSpray system for efficiency and the Individual Nozzle Control system for precision.

  • The 8R410 tractor will be showcased, highlighting its stepless eAutoPowr gearbox and capability to offboard power to trailed implements, marking it as the first 400hp machine with this technology.

  • John Deere's commitment to precision agriculture is evident with technologies like HarvestLab 3000, DataSync, AutoTrac, and AutoPath available to customers, aiming to enhance farming operations through advanced data and automation.

  • Although not present at the show, John Deere's new 9RX tractor models, including the world's most powerful production tractor with 913hp, are highlighted, with specialists available to discuss their features and benefits for large arable operations.

UK farmers will get their first look at John Deere’s new S7 Series combines at Cereals as the company showcases a whole range of product launches and updates announced in the past few months.


Hugely popular across the world, four new models are now available to arable farmers from the 449hp S7 700 up to the range-topping 617hp S790.

The 75t per hour machines sit between the smaller T Series and John Deere’s largest X9 Series models. In development, some of the best-loved features of the X9 Series have filtered across to the S7 Series, while operators also get a whole host of new technology designed to improve grain quality, operator comfort, and machine efficiency.

The premium cab is a spacious and relaxing place to work, and new automation features maximise crop quality while limiting manual intervention as much as possible.

The versatile new 5M will also be making its Cereals debut with the 5130M broadening the upper power class of the portfolio with a maximum output of up to 135 horsepower.

New PowrQuad PLUS and Powr8 transmission options for the 5M Series provide farmers with solutions for a wide range of tasks. The technology allows operators to experience continuous pulling power with smooth gear shifts within the selected group.

It will be a busy two days of demonstrations in the Spray and Sprayers Arena as John Deere publicly puts three models through their paces.

The 24-metre R740i trailed sprayer and 36-metre R962i will be joined in the ring by the 340M self-propelled sprayer, being exhibited at Cereals for the first time since after being launched at Agritechnica 2024.

Farmers looking for a versatile, comfortable and technologically-smart tractor can check out the new 5M Series at Cereals<br>IMAGE SOURCE: John Deere Limited

Showcasing John Deere’s constant development of crop spraying technology, all three have the unique PowrSpray dual-circuit solution system, with benefits including fast filling for a fast turnaround and more hectares sprayed per day.

The sprayers also have Active Pause for fast yet relaxed chemical filling, Fast Direct Rate Control with more than 98% application accuracy, as well as automatic filling, automated agitation and multi-mode rinsing systems.

The sprayers have low running costs with no scheduled maintenance requirement and only half the moving parts of a conventional solution system.

Additional features include John Deere’s in-house developed Individual Nozzle Control system – reducing overlaps or misses to the minimum as well as helping reduce input costs – and John Deere ISOBUS control systems capable of variable rate applications, spot-spraying, documentation, and work planning with synchronisation to the John Deere Operations Center.

John Deere’s Tactical Marketing Manager, Chris Wiltshire, said: “It has been a busy six months of product launches and updates so we’re really keen to show farmers these machines and their technology up close.

“We’ve also got a couple of surprises in store which visitors will have to wait until the event to find out about, so there are plenty of reasons to come to the John Deere stand this at this year’s show.”

Visitors will be able to see the 8R410 tractor with stepless eAutoPowr – the first 400hp machine to gain the revolutionary gearbox – and the ability to offboard power to trailed implements.

Precision farming specialists will be on hand to showcase the raft of technological functionality available to John Deere customers, such as HarvestLab 3000, DataSync, AutoTrac, and AutoPath.

John Deere announced the launch of three new 9RX models earlier this year, including what is now the world’s most powerful production tractor offering a maximum power output of 913hp.

While the new models will not be at the show, tractor specialists will be on hand to answer questions about the range and their suitability for large arable operations in the UK and Ireland.

Source: John Deere Limited