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Focus on PALFINGER heavy-duty cranes

PK 135.002 TEC 7 and PK 200002 L SH at bauma 2019


In the heavy-duty crane segment, PALFINGER is presenting the PK 135.002 TEC 7 and its flagship, the PK 200002 L SH, at this year’s bauma. Both are versatile and score very highly in terms of stability, outreach and precision.

The special feature of both heavy-duty cranes lies in the unique combination of outreach and ease that the revolutionary extension boom system provides. This is mainly thanks to the polygonal P-profile, which allows the stability of the crane boom to be increased compared with a conventional design while significantly reducing the dead weight of the overall system. To increase the hydraulic outreach, fly jibs with a full range of sensor technology are available for both heavy-duty cranes. In addition, HPSC, the top stability control variant for crane vehicles, comes as standard with both heavy-duty cranes. Sensors for proportional distance measurement in the stabilisers and a fully variable stabiliser position mean that the safe working range can be determined and realised for every single support set-up.

PK 135.002 TEC 7 – lifting capacity combined with payload

The PK 135.002 TEC 7 is considered a specialist for heavy loads and long outreaches and offers impressive versatility. Whether handling containers, installing lift systems, carrying out challenging roofing work or performing precision assembly work, the crane is in its element. The outstanding ratio of lifting capacity to dead weight results in decisive payload reserves on the carrier vehicle, which could be a four-axle truck with a permissible gross weight of 32 t or 40 t truck with five axles. As a consequence, the crane vehicles remain universally deployable because no permits are required for special transport operations with back-up vehicles, nor are there any route restrictions.

It would not be part of the TEC series if the PK 135.002 TEC 7 did not also score points for a whole host of smart comfort functions. Thus with MEXT, mechanical extensions can also be recorded by the sensors, monitored and taken into account in the overload. With TOOL, additional devices connected via the multi-function adapter (MFA) can be included in the calculation of the stability limit. And finally, WEIGH enables the crane operator to weigh the load directly on the crane and determine the safe positions for lifting loads. Another noteworthy feature is the P-Fold assistance system, which makes folding and unfolding the crane child's play for the operator.

PK 200002 L SH High Performance – long arm design for maximum outreach

Delicate assembly jobs and heavy-duty applications are what it does best. With the PK 200002 L SH, PALFINGER has closed the gap between the knuckle boom crane and the mobile crane. Its long arm design means it is perfect for operations involving an (extra) long outreach. Equipped with eight hydraulic extensions, the crane features a hydraulic outreach of 25.6 metres. In conjunction with the folding PJ 300 L fly jib, it can achieve an overall outreach of 47.9 metres and therefore a lifting height of more than 50 metres. And that is with an installation height of only 3.8 metres on a conventional 8x4 truck chassis. Of course, outreaches like these also require a sophisticated stabiliser concept that is fully monitored by sensors and additional front and rear stabilisers, all of which can be remotely controlled by the operator.

With the knuckle boom that can overextend by 15 degrees and the fly jib that can overextend by 25 degrees, even working in buildings and through smaller openings presents no problem. That is a point illustrated by a practical example of a newly constructed office complex, where there were five large winter gardens at a height of 30 metres. These gardens were to be supplied with some fine palm and silky oak trees standing up to 8 metres tall. To that end, the trees had to be lifted and threaded with pinpoint accuracy through an open window segment on the eighth floor into the interior of the office complex. It was no problem due  to the precise knuckle boom technology and demand-based lifting power increase on the fly jib thanks to DPS-C.

Unlike the PK 135.002 TEC 7, the PK 200002 L SH is designed as a complete solution and is available only fully mounted on a carrier vehicle. It is mounted on the truck – selected for the purpose in consultation with the customer – at a PALFINGER Mounting Competence Centre (MCC) to create a single unit.