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For self-proppelled or towed operation: »ADDRIVE« 2.0 delivers full performance

More tractive power plus all the benefits of the previous model – that sums up the new »ADDRIVE« 2.0 in a few words. More specifically, it offers improved performance and higher speeds without compromising safety, flexibility and efficiency. The power of the new generation drive has been almost doubled to 530 hp. That is an enormous increase for speeds of up to 50 km/h in the ADD mode – a decisive advantage. The increase in tractive power has been achieved by including additional drive axles.


The result of this perfectly coordinated combination of tractive power, speed, adaptability and economical working is an intelligent and efficient solution for a wide variety of heavy-haulage operations. The »ADDRIVE« 2.0 PowerPack not only delivers exceptional performance with its 530 hp; The clean low-noise motor also meets the stringent standards of EU Stage IV and EPA Tier IV final. When the vehicle is not in the self-propelled but towed mode, there is no oil flow within the hydro-mechanical drive system. That prevents overheating in the drive unit and also minimizes wear. And when the drive unit is called on to move the vehicle on its own, it cannot overheat even during continuous operation under high loads.

As with the previous generation, the drive can be controlled via a radio remote, which offers a choice of driving modes. Depending on the operating situation, the drive can be connected or disconnected and the module moved with or without the assistance of a tractor. When crossing a bridge, for example, the PowerPack can be used as the sole drive with the tractor uncoupled so as to significantly reduce overall weight.

The »ADDRIVE« is easily installed in trailer and semi-trailer combinations and can be combined with drop decks and long-load turntables. Modules can also be coupled together to form longitudinal and parallel combinations and synchronized with other Goldhofer »ADDRIVE« modules. The extreme bending moments ensure that concentrated loads can be carried without any problems. If the towed combination exceeds the maximum speed of the »ADDRIVE«, the drive unit switches off automatically and disconnects completely to permit travel at speeds of up to 80 km/h.

The new drive unit also offers many advantages in the self-propelled mode. When driving from a public road into the confined space of a construction site, for example, or for in-plant transportation, the higher tractive power is the key to precision maneuvering with exceptional loads for setdown and pickup. In addition, the »ADDRIVE« incorporates the world’s first electronic braking system in a vehicle of this type, which also functions in combination with ABS modules as a further contribution to maximum safety. All these features make the »ADDRIVE« a powerful and versatile partner for the challenges of day-to-day work.

Source: Goldhofer