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Ford Trucks F-MAX named “Truck of the Year 2019” in Russia

At the 19th award ceremony of “Best Commercial Vehicle of the Year” in Russia that took place on the 3rd of September, Ford Trucks F-MAX was awarded the title of “Truck of the Year”.

Following its International Truck of the Year (IToY) 2019 success, Ford Trucks' F-MAX has now won the “Truck of the Year” award in “Best Commercial Vehicle of 2019” competition in Russia. The winner of this prestigious award is chosen by journalists from authoritative, specialist motor transport publications in Russia.

The award ceremony was held during the COMTRANS 2019 exhibition, in which Ford Trucks also participated. COMTRANS 2019 International Commercial Vehicle Auto Show was held in Moscow at the Crocus Expo IEC from September 3-7. Several Ford Trucks products were displayed at COMTRANS, including the F-MAX, the powerful Ford Trucks 1848T, and the Ford Trucks 1833, a chassis with a crane superstructure.

Serhan Turfan: "Achieving the ‘Truck of the Year’ title in Russia is a huge leap"

Ford Trucks Vice President Serhan Turfan states that the victory of Ford Trucks F-MAX confirms that Ford Trucks is a significant player in the global market. “We believe that the “Truck of the Year” award we have achieved in Russia is another indicator of our potential strength in the global arena. The ITOY award shows that the F-MAX has set a new standard in the commercial vehicle market. Russia is a big and challenging market, and the F-MAX has once again proved itself. We are confident that F-MAX will continue its success all over the world.” said Serhan Turfan.

Ford Trucks F-MAX: Comfort of home, power & efficiency


The F-MAX combines innovation, cutting-edge technology, coziness and comfort for the driver. It offers comfort and luxury with its 2.5m-wide cab along with its modern design and driver-focused approach. The design of the cockpit-style dashboard ensures all functions are within easy reach. The sense of spaciousness in the cab is key. The F-MAX provides all of this with its flat floor providing 2160mm of floor-to-ceiling height and 260 mm of seat adjustment. Furthermore, the F-MAX offers drivers very generous airplane-style patented storage, and an innovative and groundbreaking 90 degree foldable upper bed. The Ford Trucks F-MAX offers best-in-class NVH and interior quietness thanks to its best-in-class torsional cab stiffness, lower engine noise and sound absorptive trim design.

Cost of ownership is key attribute of the F-MAX. Cost of ownership is what sets the F-MAX apart from the competition, thanks to the vehicle’s powerful and efficient 12.7L E6D Ecotorq engine offering 500PS, 2500Nm and 400 kW braking power. It provides maximum performance and minimum fuel consumption under any road condition.