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Foton Lovol Successfully Purchased a European High-end Agricultural Implement Company

A few days ago, Foton Lovol successfully purchased the Italian company MaterMacc, a European company producing high-end agricultural implement, which symbolized that the globalization of Foton Lovol was accelerated.
Established in 1983, MaterMacc is a high-end agricultural implement company in Europe and even in the whole world. Its business scope includes a full series of precision seeder, drill seeder, vegetable planter, and cultivator. It has a world-class seed-metering device of seeder and core technology of electronic control system with independent intellectual property. Agricultural implements made by MaterMacc have a solid foundation in the Chinese market.
This purchase filled in technical gaps of China in the field of high-end seeder and core components, played an important role in promoting the competitiveness and brand influence of Chinese agricultural implement business in both the domestic and the international markets, and laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Foton Lovol.
This successful purchase would further enrich product resources of agricultural implement sector of Foton Lovol, optimize its business structure, promote the mechanization and modernization of the Chinese agriculture, contribute to the food security of China, and provide better solutions of full mechanization of agricultural production to global customers.